I am not really big on vitamin and supplements. I think you should be getting all your nutrients through your diet, but apparently most people think that’s too difficult? The vitamins I do take are: Osteo Bi-flex Glucosamine chondrotrin msm with joint shield Life Fitness Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc I really don’t care about the name brands, just the 2 that I’ve been able to find. Both are expensive. Both were purchased with B1G1F deals. I take the Calcium mix because my BIL is a HS PE director and is always fighting colds once school is back in session. He started to take it and only had one cold last year. That’s pretty impressive. I have a friend who we call the pharmaceutical dude (that’s what his college major was in) and swears by anything with zinc when fighting an illness (swears by zicam, etc.) I’ve been taking it and even though I forget to take daily quite often (silly me, hate taking meds) for about 6 months and have only been sick once, which I think was mostly due to nerves more than anything. I’ve also heard that this mixture can help with PMS symptoms. That could be true as I don’t get as sensitive and crampy it seems. The bi-flex is taken because I have some pretty severe wrist pains. Its not carpal. In my wrist by thumb and first finger area. It seems to help ‘some’. I really can’t tell as the pain isn’t always as bad as other days. Don’t know what triggers it so have a very hard time pinpointing what works & doesn’t. So lets see, the frugal tip on vitamins? There really isn’t one. I mean, if you feel its necessary to take supplements & what not, fine. Just try to buy on sale & with coupons. These things can get real expensive as everything else!


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