quick trip to Publix

Ended up running to the grocery store when I went to bank during my lunch hour. Aeromexico finally sent me a check for $500 to cover the lost luggage. Doesn’t exactly cover the cost of everything, but at least it’s a start. Publix has a coupon good through 1/11/8 for free grape tomatoe clamshell when you buy 2 dole salad bags. The dole bags were on sale this week 2 for $4. The tomatoes are $3.29 at my store. So even though I don’t buy the bags of salad often, I did this week, 2 times J The tomatoes really are yummy and heck, since a head of lettuce cost me $1.69 now, might as well buy a bag for a few cents more AND get the free tomatoes. The sale ends tonight though, but at least I got to utilize it a bit. Had to also pick up more milk. A gallon of 2% is $4.29. Geesh. I had picked up some last Friday at BJ’s for $3.79 I think it was. Remember standing there and just could NOT believe that was a good deal, but it was! L


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