Productive morning

Before I went to bed last night, I tossed some boneless pork country ribs in the crockpot with a cup of water & a quartered onion. Put on low and let it cook overnight. This morning, turned it off, pulled out all the meat & onions & put on platter to cool. After it cooled, pulled off all the fat and onions and tossed. Emptied the juice from crock, added meat back to crock as I pulled it apart with fingers (ok, they say use a fork, but that just takes way too long!) ... added a bottle of bbq sauce, salt & pepper, a dash of liquid smoke, put cover on & will have kids turn back on low when they get home at 3pm. Peeled & chopped 6 taters. Boiled 4 eggs. Made a quick potato salad too. When I get home, will toss a can of baked beans in saucepan with a splash of liquid smoke & a few dehydrated onions ... toast up a few of the kaiser rolls I got on clearance that I tossed in freezer over weekend and we will have bbq pork sandwiches with potato salad & bbq beans. Umm Ummm. Oh, also vacuumed my bathroom floor & rugs (love my little dirt devil) ... will windex & clean tonight if not first thing in the morning. As we have the inspection tomorrow and I believe company for dinner, will spend the morning cleaning house. The floors are in need of a good mopping anyways (love my cuban mop too!).


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