Movies - library vs blockbuster vs netflix

A few weeks back, I had went to the main library down town to meet the kids & give them a ride home (must have been Christmas eve, as I left the office around noon) and while waiting for them to finish up, was browsing the movies. Then my dd told me that the branch by us is better (Galt Reading Room) as its a very small branch but 20% is movies. So I said ok, we will check it out later then. We went and I ended up getting the first 4 episodes of Deadwood for dh (he loved that show) and Wayne's World for ds and then Kill Bill for all (ok, not really a family movie but we've all wanted to see it). Dd got 4 movies to watch (house of wax & some other weird things). Not one of the movies gave us any problems. We had a 5 day period before turning them back in. They have a 'decent' selection of movies, but not the most recent releases (within last 6 months). We also belong to Blockbuster by mail program. This cost $14.99 plus tax to $15.89. I can have any 2 movies mailed at a time. I can take the movies back to the store and exchange for another movie, which at that point, I recieve another movie in the mail within a few days. I can keep as long as I like. Problem: sometimes the movies are really messed up and can't be watched. Othertimes, I get movies that don't belong in the package. AND I've noticed the shipping time is taking about 5 days now, whereas it used to be 2 or 3 at the most (mail out on Monday, new movie by Thursday, now I'm lucky if by the weekend). And it costs. And I think they are raising the fees soon (I missed this time around). Netflix - never used. Was the original pioneer of movie by mail. Keep getting flyers in mail to try them for 30 or 60 days. May consider. Will have to wait and see. Frugal tip - check out your library!


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