Motivation and the economy effects

Kind of a strange header, I know. Things are looking grim as far as the stock market goes. The past 2 days have had headlines in the local news and newspaper about the rising cost of food & gas, especially here in south Florida. Duh. Where have they been?? DH forwarded me an email from the President of his company. No 401K matches for 2008. No salary increases for 2008 (Directors & up, which he's in) and 15% decrease in VP's & up (which he's not). Geesh. His company is very heavy in the tourist industry so ... yeah, makes sense! :( I know we are 'struggling' at my company. Not as much as others, and not enough to make me concerned that we would close our doors. My co-worker & I have already cut back our days, we rotate 4 day weends. Every other Friday and Monday I'm off. Nice, but shows on the paycheck too. We've become more diligent about billing our clients for all out of pocket expenses that we incur. Used to be a 'wash' but not anymore. So, with all this in mind, and the fact that DH company may make more cuts, I've really gotta get focused and stay motivated to be frugal. I've been good, then I fall off the wagon and kick myself for it. I know they always say not to totally deprive yourself or you resent it. So I'm trying :) Need to get back on the groceries ... seems like I'm spending more & more again. AND stop the eating out. Have to give myself credit, really was jonses for something for lunch, but stuck with my salad & veggies & candy bar that was stashed in the freezer. Odd combination, I know!! We still have some stocks that need to be moved to our new investment company. Unfortunately, they have to be sold since they are proprietory stocks (sorry for the spelling). We sold 1/2 in 2007 and will do the other half this year when the market picks up a bit. Only did 1/2 so we would only pick up 1/2 of the capital gains, which reflects HEAVILY on our tax returns :( But then again, like an accountant told us years ago, if you aren't paying taxes, you aren't making money...uh huh. Well, I'll post something a little more exciting & fun shortly!! In the meantime, need to deal with an estate attorney who has been a 'joy' to work with :)


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