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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kitchen happenings

We went to our friends for dinner on Friday night so no biggie there. Shopped at Costco on Saaturday and spent a ton of money. Had taken out the shepards pie from freezer on Thursday and we had that for dinner on Saturday & Sunday (it was a big tray!). Monday I made pizzas. I would normally make the crust too, but when at Walmart, saw the thin crust for $3.38 for 2. Picked up 2 packages and figured heck, I'll use one and see how it is. Not bad. Alot less hassle, and I figured it didn't really cost that much, $1.75 or so each for the crust. Still would keep the pizza under $3 I figured. One was just cheese & pepperoni. The other was cheese, parm cheese, pepperoni, chopped onion & brocolli. Because dd's b/f was here (didn't know he was coming!!), tossed in a frozen pizza I had in the freezer too. Keep telling the kids you can't invite when I'm in the MIDDLE of making dinner without asking!! 2 of the small dinner plates are chipped already!! I think it's from people putting them in the sink with water & not paying attention. I'm so bummed out. Ended up going to Walmart Monday to see if I could find any more. Of course not. I will continue to look. Knew I should have went back & grabbed a 3rd set!! Had thought we would work on the boat this weekend since dh picked up a bunch of supplies & parts. The weather turned pretty icky, windy, cold & rainy. So another day in the house doing not a whole lot of anything. Was wanting to make a cake or something, dd had taken the last cake mix to b/f house to make for his moms birthday. Could have been upset, but at least she did something nice for someone :). Could have made from scratch, but we were just being lazy on Sunday! Go figure! Ended up on the couch with a stack of papers (no joke, 12 inches thick) and my calendar for February to start my menu planning. I so need to get the recipes together in some kind of order. After my big shopping trip at Costco, I was extremely determined to do my menus and stay out of the stores. Yeah, right. Ended up going to Walmart on Monday and spent another $140. At least that was mostly pantry items that will be used. Spent a grand total of $470 on groceries and another $63 on liquor. Have enough beer to last a few weeks, enough vodka for the month and well, dh already shared his jack, so no jack for him :) Guess drinking will be next on the list of bad habits to give up! Back to the stack of papers, which really is recipes. Started going through, pulling out ones I haven't used in a while. Then tried to put in some kind of order. Now they are on top of the big stack of paper. Still sitting on the couch. Dh is traveling today, tomorrow & comes back Thursday, so that will give me 2 free nights of no interruptions (except the kids) to focus & get them in some kind of freakin order. Driving me nuts, trying to find stuff!!! Ok, enough. I'm going to get myself all worked up at 6:30am!! :) Actually, need to go get ready for work and wake up dd. They are out of school again today and she has an ortho appt at 11am. Since I will be at work (coworker off today), and dh on a plane, she will have to take a bus. Times like this, wish I had let her get her drivers license already. Then again, no.

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