Frugal Saturday

Convinced dh to ride along with me to the produce store & then walmart as he will keep my time and cash management under control :) The produce store was mobbed. And the produce sucked. Really didn't see anything that made me jump up & down with joy. Tomatoes were still green. Peppers were iffy. I still spent $20 there on lettuce (2 for $1.50) and a green & 2 small peppers, bananas, cilantro, snow peas, kiwis, and dh wanted some ground chicken and navy beans for his white chicken chili he wants to make next time it gets cold out. Then we went to Walmart. Not my favorite store, but needed to do a little grocery shopping, and also we both have $25 gift cards so I wanted to look at new dishes. All of mine are mismatched, chipped, etc. :) You know how it is when you have kids! We went straight to the household section. They had this really nice display on the end shelf. Told dh, that's the set I want. Found 2 boxes, unopened. Put them in cart, looked at the rubbermaid flexseal sets and individual pieces, decided didn't want to spend that much ($7 & $10 for the large bowls???) and shopped in the food section. Sent dh off to find a few things, what a good sport he was :) We ended up standing in line longer than it took to shop. That is the reason I hate Walmart :( Anyways, the dishes rang up as $15 EACH!!! Woohoo!! We thought they were $28 if not more (couldn't find a price tag for them). Our total was $70, minus the 2 $25, I paid $21 total. :) Good day. Came home, loaded up dishwasher (barely fit!) with new stuff, packed ALL my old stuff in the 2 boxes & then some and I am so freaking excited & happy! We even like the coffee mugs, which normally they are useless!! Ended up going to our friends for dinner that night, chicken on the grill! Frugal Saturday, all in all!


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