What a week!

Dh went to Kansas City (missouri) and is freezing there (said it's windy as heck) ... ds went to Mexico City, concert was cancelled for Thursday but rescheduled for Saturday, so luckily they still got to play. His luggage got lost and then airport found it ... but airport was 1 1/2 hours away from where they were so he didn't get his stuff until Saturday am ... I won't even ask what he did for underwear & such :) So it was me & dd most of the week. She worked alot of the nights, was only off on Thursday which is the night her friend stayed over since her mom was in N'orlns for weekend. Since I get up early anyway, was not a big deal to take her to school on Friday ... make sure to read about Frugal Friday :) Dinner all week was pretty much low key as dd is sort of a vegetarian ... dh & I did take her out on Wednesday night to a japanese buffet that I've been wanting to try. It's not 'cheap' but the food is a heck of a lot better than the chinese buffet we go to occasionally. Honestly, I didn't mind spending the $4 more per person. :) Here's the link http://kyojinbuffet.com/ So here it is, Monday night and I've missed alot of time to post :). Ds is at the airport waiting for his bags. Dd is at the airport with her b/f mom. He was pulled aside at customs because he KNEW his paperwork wasn't 100% in order (been here 7 years, just turned 18, things happen I guess at that point if you don't have a visa/green card or whatever) ... So mom is hoping to be able to intervene with proof of paperwork that attorney filed TODAY. In my opinion, a little late, isn't it?? So there you have it. Dh comes home tomorrow, thankfully. Ds turns 15 on Wednesday. Dd turns 17 on Saturday. Oh my, I could get easily depressed if I wasn't careful :)


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