Not so frugal weekend

Saturday was daughter's 17th birthday. Wow ... that makes me feel so very old! Ended up running to BJ's that has just opened close by the house (5 miles or so away), originally just to scope it out & see if the prices were compariable with Costco. I already have a membership with Costco, but I have to drive like 1/2 hour to get there and it's kind of a pain ... so I wanted to see if BJ's would be better in the long run. Figured if it's a little more price-wize, that would be fine since it's much closer ... The parking lot was mobbed. However, since I was driving dh's new charger (i.e. no door dings), drove around the side & back and tons of open parking. 1 point for BJ's, none for Costco :) Had a free day pass that had come in the mail (or newspaper, don't remember which now) so decided to browse. 1. Guitar hero III - $79 with guitar. That's $10 cheaper than other places I've seen. 2. Uno Pizza - $7.99 for any of them - same as costco, only a lot closer to home. 3. B/s chicken thighs - $1.79/lb - same as costco, just not the same brand. would have to try them to see if they are as good. 4. Big plastic cups. $7.99 - 'appears' to be a little cheaper than costco. All in all, I think the prices are about the same. Would have to get some of my old costco receipts out and look. The real selling point however is the fact that they accept manufactors coupons. Hmmm. That's different. Picked up a cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, new pirate movie ($18.99 for 2 disc edition!!!), 4 birthday cards (great selection), big bag of Kettle corn from Popcorn Indiana, 2 bags of ruffles, oj, apple juice, big red cups, christmas paper plates, 3 1/2 gallons of ice cream, 4 loaves bread, coffee, red pepper flakes, and some other stuff. Spent $108.00. It was also my g/f 39th birthday and we were all going to benihana (9 of us) ... that ended up costing $100 on our side. Then of course, she wanted to go to Opa's down the street. $40 contributed ... dh & I stayed for one drink ... epresso martinis are $15 a pop there and geesh, I just wasn't in the mood :( So dh & I got a drink (he doesn't drink martinis, just jd & coke), drank 1/2 and said our goodbyes. We were home by 11:30pm or so. Sunday we went to coconuts on the water, thinking they had a breakfast buffet. No. Just a brunch. Sorry, can't justify $10 for an omelet so ordered a burger for $9 which came with fries too. We haven't been there in years. It was a nice change and we got to see them feeding the tarpons. Those things are HUGE and a little scary!!! :) Then we went to honeybaked hams to get the g/c that we give the lawn & pool boys, and dh gives his 2 girls at work. They were closed on Sunday. :( ?? Figured they'd be open since it's getting closer to the holidays? Now will have to make a point to go during the week, 10 to 5 DH has 4 coupons. Two $5 off and two $7 off $70. Tried to get him to use the two $5 first then 1 $7 but the one $5 is for a ham only. We've decided to skip the ham for Christmas as it's $15 more than we paid last year. Told him we would try the publix spiral hams this year. Target was next. Looked at fake and small trees. DH wanted some christmas cards. I know I have some, just in the Christmas boxes and since we haven't decorated, didn't know where they were. He was overwhelmed looking at all the cards :) Kept saying "this can't be that hard!!" :) hehe...serves him right! I grabbed a thing of wrapping paper for $1.99, he found some cards (that say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year per my specific instructions!) and we checked out. Cards were $6.99 for 14. Geesh. Of course, we get home, and guess what? I'm standing there talking to him & see the small box of Christmas cards sitting on the shelf. He was right that I've had them out, just didn't remember! Funny how true it is that if things sit out long enough, they become part of the landscape & you don't really 'see' it :) I may try & take the cards back as I don't send out cards in the mail. Waste of time, waste of money & for all the wrong reasons (because so & so sends a card, you feel you have to send one back NOT) Ok, suppose I need to go get a shower & ready for work. Have a $1.7M refi today and no documents yet ... hopefully will be there when I get in this morning! Jan


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