Merry Christmas and soon to be Happy New Year

Christmas was nice & quiet in our house. Thankfully! The kids opened the gifts from grandparents & aunt/uncles. Then I let them open one from us ... they chose the guitarhero iii one ... I wonder how or why? :) They ended up playing it til about 2am in the Florida room. I am so glad that we went ahead and accepted the television from our friends over a year ago for in there. Hubby had wanted to get one of the flat ones but I didn't want to spend the money, so when this came up, I said yes. It's a little 21 inch with a vcr player included ... which is good cuz I still have lots of vcr movies (odd, I know) and no vcr player :) Since we've gotten the tv hooked up in room, the kids have pretty much taken it over, which is fine. It is the most beautiful room in the whole house with a fantastic view yet we never use it cuz it didn't have a tv! :) What do you make of that??? Now the kids use it as their hang out room. Anyways, Did the Mcdonalds for dinner Christmas Eve (strange tradition we have!) and then on Tuesday, we were going to make burgers (sirloin, ribeye & tenderloin that hubby ground). Well, after all the snacking we never got around to cooking the burgers. No big deal really, everyone was just laying around watching tv anyways. Ended up making the burgers for dinner Wednesday night! Tonight (Thursday) I have to make the lasagna. Only cuz I had taken the sauce and mozz. cheese out of freezer, opened the ricotta cheese and I'd hate for it all to go to waste. Would really prefer something lighter but heck, need to do this!! It is my new years resolution, less waste! Friday, hoping to do chicken thighs. Saturday we are doing a brisket for friends. Sunday, I think I have down leftovers. Monday, no idea. I believe we are going down to the corner of Elbow Room and A1A as they close off the street and have a big block party. Not that I really want to do that as we will drink too much & spend way too much money. Once Tuesday comes around, I will be posting on my othe blog 2008 financial stuff. Hoping that by posting income & outflow $ I will be able to save more ... then again, after reading and listening to todays news ($3.75 gallon gas by spring!!??) it's depressing and may seem near impossible!! But by all means, swing on over there and check it out. Ok ... that's that! Have a terrific day & will hopefully chat tomorrow!


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