Frugal Shopping

Stopped at Target Wednesday morning to pick up a few things on my way to work. Had to also return 2 things for a credit back of $10.xx. Picked up 2 pairs gloves, pair of leggings, 2 tshirts, 6 pk socks and spent $30. Also had my handy $5 gift card (from the game) so the total was $25. If you figure the $10 credit, I really only put $15 on the AE. :) Unless that confuses you ... On way home, stopped at Borders ... ds wants the niki stixxs book. Against my better judgement, picked it up (he's 15, I know he knows these things, but heck, it's pretty graphic. Maybe it will keep him straight if he ever becomes a big guitarist!), had my 30% coupon. Also picked up this stupid marshmellow bear that dd's been whining about ($8), 2 magazines for dh from ds, 1 magazine for ds (guitarist, of course, $15). Total was $50 including my coupon. So far, I've spent about $100 on Christmas for everyone else (not including my $30 gift!). My closet needs to be cleaned out ... I've got the bags in there and a bunch of other crap too. I have big paper bags of clothes that I need to go through, a bag started for goodwill, my craft stuff that I'm never going to do and then another big bag of clothes that need mending (taken in, taken out, hemmed up, etc.) Not to mention the shoes, small basket with information stuff (what, I have no idea anymore!), the 2 big wall mirrors that have been in there for 10 years now that we never got around to rehanging and a bunch of other stuff. I really really need to go through it. As much as I hate clutter, this is the place where everything gets tossed. It's a fairly decent walk in closet (square like) that has no room!!! Maybe for my 5 day weekend (new years) I will clean it out and some other places too :) Then again, this could be a huge chore!!!! Jan


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