Frugal Friday

Was off today. Had to take dd's friend to school & then we had 8 & 8:30 dentist appts. Did that and then went to Denny's for breakfast. Been a long time since I've been to Denny's. Guess they had to raise prices too since everyone else has. $27 for me & dd at breakfast (included tip). Good grief. Then we came home, laid out by pool for awhile (got some color), and then went & had a manicure & pedicure done, using 2 gift certificates I had gotten for Christmas last year. We each tipped $8.00 so that was $16.00. Better than the $40 plus tip each to have it done :) Came home & dd had to get ready for work at 4pm. My g/f Cat came over around 7ish. She brought a HUGE bag of stuff. 10 waffle rubbery place mats (which will have a different life in MY house), 2 complete full size sheet sets (for sleeper sofa), 24 dress shirts (half still had tags on them!), 3 skirts, 2 slacks/capris/clamdiggers (need to look more at them). And there was some other stuff in there too. Cat has been my friend for 19 years or so. We've matured together . She unfortunately has a clothes habit that she acknowledges but can't quite overcome it. Granted, she buys stuff on sale, but heck, giving 12 blouses away with tags still on them??? Come on!! I asked why she doesn't return them and she said it was too much of a hassle. ??? Huh??? And you know, she's quite frugal, but I guess in a different way than me? Oh well. In return, I gave her snacks for dinner :) hehe...I wasn't really ready for company that night & didn't know for sure she was coming over ... oh well. All in all, not a bad day. Spent a bit more for breakfast than I'd like, but overall, I think it was a good day! :) Frugal tip for Friday: Never turn down free stuff. Never know what you will get ... some things might not be for you but you can always turn it over to someone else! :)


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