BJ's instead of Costco

Was going to head out to the produce store (which is about 10 miles from home and way out of my normal way) since I'm looking to start back to eating more veggies and a little healthier ... lets face it, 10 lb weight gain since November 1st is NOT good. I know, it's good that I quit smoking but honestly do not see HOW I gained 10 lbs. I have not changed my eating habits that much!!!! :( I'm very bummed. I am usually around 130 which is ok for me as I'm 5'7" ... but 140 goes straight to my butt & thighs :( And clothes are starting to feel a little different which really sucks. So anyways, on my way out west. Then decide, heck, go to BJ's ... see what they have. Walked out $90 later :( BUT did get a 2 lb bag of chopped romaine lettuce, 3 lb tomatoes, 1 lb shredded cabbage, 2lb provolone cheese, 18 hoagie rolls, 2 loaves bread, 3 gifts for dh and 1 for me. Actually, if I hadn't bought the gifts, it would have only cost me about $20 ... oh well. My thoughts on BJ. Hmmm... I don't really know yet. I'm so used to Costco. I did see that they do mark things down, which I've never really seen at Costco. So that's a plus. I am just trying to figure out if they were within the same driving distance of each other which I would do. I 'think' bj's is price competively. And they DO take coupons (which I keep forgetting) ... but the real big selling point to me is that they are so much closer to me ... by about 1/2 hour driving time (remember, I'm in a heavy traffic congested area!!!) ...I really need to go in on my day off, with a slip of paper & make notes on prices and then drive all the way out to costco and do the same. OR I could just pull out one of my old costco receipts (darn things fade over time!!!) I'll keep you posted ... it really is a dilema


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