Update on Tmobile cell phones

Amazing! I had ordered the phones with customer service on Friday at 4pm (day after thanksgiving) and paid the extra $15 or so for 3 business day delivery. The CR informed me that the phones most likely would not go out until Monday being so late in day, etc. At 6pm last night, a knock on the door. Had to turn on outside light since it's getting dark already and it's the UPS guy with 2 (TWO) packages ... yup, both phones showed up. Funny, the CR said that he was only going to charge shipping on one since they would both be going out together ... Needless to say, this is great! I now have MY phone to use for the week, well, really, sons phone since he has mine, but I have my SIMS card in it now. Daughter has hers and she's just tickled pink. She has a free day at school as today is BAT tesing & she doesn't take since she's a junior. So 3 hours of school to play with new sidekick ... what a life!! :) Jan


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