Tmobile cell phones

I have cell service with Tmobile. The plan is $69.99 for 2 phones with 1000 anytime minutes and of course, free tmobile to tmobile. The 3rd phone is $9.99, so that bill runs $79.98. Add on the $19.99 for the unlimited text messaging (believe me, I fought it for 2 years and kids had to cough up anywhere from $20 to $80 a month) and all the crap taxes (what does that stuff mean anyways???) and the bill is around $120 a month. Not as cheap as I’d like it … but then again, a convenience that I am willing to pay for. Being teens, they are hard on phones, but not as hard as most. Just upgraded them to newer ones in August 2006. Cost $29 each. Daughter lost hers by December, got a cheapo loaner phone and paid the $19 for a new sims card. She used the cheapo phone for months. When I upgraded to the razor I have now for mothers day ($25) I gave her my old nokia flip. Nothing fancy, but better than the mini brick she had J Son was at band practice, (I think) bouncing around and busted the screen on his phone. Well, when you do that, phone is useless, can’t see who called, can’t see who you are calling, etc. Not to mention, the phone was in silent mode at time of damage and well, doesn’t do any good if you can’t SEE the phone ringing! So, he’s been using the cheapo loaner phone for 2 months or so. Daughter comes home from school one day. “Mom, my phone won’t get a signal!?” Sure enough, not getting any reception. Well, the two kids have been sharing the phone for a month now, so I finally agreed to try get new phones. Friday, day after thanksgiving. Go to the t-mobile store. Know exactly what I’m getting. Razor for son, sidekick for daughter. Birthday presents. Oh look, a razor, free with 2 year contract. Oh even better, the sidekick is $49 with 2 year contract. Step right up, this is what I want, give them my info. “Total for the sidekick, $179 plus tax.” Huh? Apparently, I don’t qualify for the super cheap price as an EXISTING customer. Hmmm. But if I choose to upgrade (as they say, partial upgrade) I agree to extend my contract for 22 months. No matter what the sales girl says, no matter what the manager says, nothing makes any sense whatsoever! I end up walking out of store. Go to my car, flip open my phone & call customer care. Tell them my dilemma. Tell them the problem I have. I’m an existing customer. You know my billing history. You know my PAYMENT history. And yet, you want to penalize me, not allow me to have a discounted rate on a NEW phone. Hmmm… Guess what? Got both phones for $39.00 plus shipping and tax. Woohoo. $5x.xx makes me feel much better. The phone itself is actually cheaper than the store. They told me that the store would not be able to match the price, so I went ahead and paid the $15.00 for 3 day business delivery. Geesh. Moral of the story AND frugal tip of the day? Don’t just accept what the person behind the counter has to say. Dig deeper, make some phone calls. Don’t be afraid to STAND UP for what you believe in! My point was that I’m a good customer and I had no incentive to stay with tmobile the way I was being treated!


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