Son leaving for Mexico

The band is off to Mexico tomorrow. The parents of singer are having all the boys (ok, it's only 4 kids!) spend the night tonight so when the shuttle shows up in the morning, no worries that everyone is there :) Smart idea, huh? There website is: - they've got pics, a few songs that they've recorded on there, and of course, the postings from 'fans' :) My son is the bass player. Good for him. I am very very excited for all 4 of them, but also nervous too :) This is the first time that they have performed as a group, and the arena is 4000 seats. Whoa! I don't know if they realize how big that really is? They perform on the 29th but have intereviews & I believe they are doing a music video while there. As he has broken his phone & his sister's phone no longer gets reception, they've been sharing the one loaner phone we have. I've ordered them new ones (daughter gets the sidekick id & he will get a razor which cost me $50 for the 2 of them with 3 day shipping), he will have to take my fushia cherry blossom razor with him. Poor baby but I still wanted him to have a phone just in case ... (remember to keep an eye out on cell phone services, upgrades and aggravations) So they leave on Monday and come back the following Monday. I wish them all the best of luck! Take lots of photos so I can post some & hopefully someone will take some video!


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