The neighborhood cat

Comes by every morning between 5am and 6am. I am usually up by 5am Monday thru Thursday since the kids have to be getting up & ready for school. He will come to the back sliding glass door and just sit there, front paws on the ledge. Once he sees you coming, he starts rubbing against the door and if you don't open it up quick enough (for him), he will stand on back paws and start scratching at the glass "Hey! Let me in!". He's a bengal cat. Once I figure out how to post pics, will post one of him. He's been in the neighborhood for about 6 years or so. No front claws. Fixed. For years, could not get any where near him, would always dash away from you, skittish. About a year ago, me & hubby came home one night & I swore I must have hit the cat with the car the way he was meowing. We got some chicken (canned) and put some on a plate & he wolfed it down. Told hubby that he was starving and he was soooo skinny then. He started coming by every few nights, right when it got dark out. Then the kids started playing with him with little balls or other things they had around the house. The cat was a kick to watch play, wild little thing. Then he started coming in the front door. Just a little. The first time I closed the door, he dashed through the house, low to the ground, making this god awful mewling noise. So much for that!! :) Now, a year later, can't get rid of him :) We all know his routine. Even the neighborhood (for the most part) considers the cat mine. The cat actually belongs to a gentleman down the street. I think it was a former girlfriends cat that was MIA when she left. He's a little odd. Known to drink alot, beat up on people, take advantage of females (financially), etc. He moved out over the summer to live with another girlfriend for 2 months. After I found that out, I said screw it, the cats mine ... guy breaks up with her, moves back in the house & has the NERVE to ask one of the neighbors to "tell that girl that has my cat to send him home" ... yeah, I'll get right on that! We have sinced renamed the kitty. His name is Kiki. And Kiki spends most of the day in the house sleeping. He likes to prowl around outside at night, against my wishes. Occassionally will sleep over, but usually wakes up around 3-4am insisting to go out. Since he has never used the litterbox in house, I let him out with the assumption he needs to go potty. Kiki has had several run ins with other animals. Not sure what but there was a time where I actually put a note on the original owners door telling him he needs to check his cat out. His cheek was all swollen and eye closed. Not sure what he got into. Kept sending the cat home and finally (45 days later) he took cat to vet. Cat showed up that night with cheek shaved, stitches and paw still sticky from iv. Booted him out to go home, figuring he had to have antibiotics & a collar to wear. Didn't see him for 5 days. Then he came back all over, good as new. At that time, I didn't want to spend the $400 or so for a vet bill on a cat that nots mine. NOW I would. :) He's mine :) So there you go, you've met another member of my family. Off to figure out how to post pics! Jan


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