Frugal doings for 11/15

Frugal doings for Thursday, Nov. 15th. Being that we just got back from our 48 our trip to Kentucky, it’s hard to stay focused on being frugal BUT I must stay on track!! This morning started out with grinding my coffee beans from the B1G1F sale ($4.79 for 2 lb of beans total) … then fed the son cereal and daughter just ate a banana. I know, not a real breakfast but at 5:30am, who can blame her for not being hungry?? I made a bagel and scrambled an egg to make an egg sandwich. Hubby got 2 slices of whole wheat bread with peanut butter. He doesn’t normally eat breakfast, but with all the meds he is on, he needs to. Kids are buying their lunch at school to the tune of $2.50 each. Packed up leftovers for me & hubby which was spanish rice, leftover taco meat, leftover onion & diced tomatoes and then topped that with a little bit of the taco sauce. Also put together a small salad as I ‘seem’ to be gaining weight since I quit smoking 2 weeks ago. Not sure if it’s my imagination, the fact that my mil dried my work clothes in dryer OR if I really am gaining weight ALREADY! Dinner tonight will be 4-way chili. Boiling up some spaghetti noodles, topping with the leftover chili from weekend, sprinkle with cheddar cheese and a bit of diced onion. I ‘need’ to run to the store, but not necessarily today. Not even before the weekend. But it’s such a hard habit to break! J Jan


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