Easier cleaning with a cuban mop

Because my house is tile throughout except the bedrooms, I am constantly looking for a better way to clean the floors. I figure over 2000 sq ft of tile ... that's a lot!
I've used the wonder mops, the regular squeeze mops, everything. I've used tile cleaners, pinesol, fabuloso, etc. Nothing ever made me 'happy' so to speak. I've even been on my hands & knees which let me tell you is NO FUN whatsoever, although hubby did make a smart remark one day that did not help him get lucky that night :)
So a friend of mine who lives on the 21st floor ocean front condo showed me her latest find a few months back. A cuban mop. Swore by it. She has those expensive italian stone tiles on her floors. Loved the mop. Ranted and raved. Said it only cost $9.99 at Target. Hmmm. Just 2 pieces of wood screwed into each other.
So I just keep that in the back of my mind ... and continue doing the hands and knees cleaning for a bit longer. I do have to say, nothing gets the floor cleaner when you do it on your knees, I suppose cuz you can see everything up close?
So I go to the grocery store a few weeks later. In the cleaning aisle to buy some bleach & other stuff. Oh! Theres a cuban mop. Hmmm...only $4.99? I pick up each one four there. None, except one, lays flat on the floor (lesson #1, make sure the wood is not warped). Oh, what the heck, let me give it a shot. I know, you look at the first picture and like, huh?
Get the baby home. DH makes fun of it. I really can't wait to try it out. Get my little red bucket, fill with hot water, pour some bleach into it, grab a white hand towel (we have tons, dh always brings 'gifts' back from his trips) drop towel in water, wring out, toss on floor, wrap up & start mopping.
HOLY SMOKES!!!!! I'm sold!!!
1. Uniform coverage
2. dries much quicker
3. covers a lot of area quickly
4. a clean mop head each time you do it
There are a lot more selling points that I have. You can even use this as a dry mop, which I've done to catch all the hair & such from me & the kids & the part time cat!
Because I'm still new at this, I can't figure out how to add more than one pic to the post so I've added the others to the side line ... sorry, when I figure it out, I'll put where it belongs!!


  1. I have a cuban mop, but I can't figure how to attach the towel to the mop. My mop frames just slides over the towel. How do you do it?

  2. Gosh, I used to have pics up of the 3 steps. Lay towel flat. Center cuban mop on it, then flip front over the ends of mop and do the same with the back ... then you just kind of pick up the mop a little off floor & tuck in the excess (back piece that you flipped forward) under the mop itself. Its not perfect but heck, works for me. It should look bulky ...need to make sure you use a big enough towel, but not too big. I use a plush hand towel (from a hotel!! Please don't call the towel police!) ... works perfect.

  3. That's my problem, too.
    I have the mop, and authetic cuban floor towels and even stacks of marvelous thick yellow microfiber towels;

    Just cannot for the life of me figure out how to wrap the dang mop....AND haven't been able to find images online either. :/

  4. I live in NC but was born in Miami. Love my Cuban mop. I cut a small X or hole in the middle of each cloth (we use old towels cut in half) and push the handle through the hole. Easier than wrapping. If anyone knows of a cottage industry down your way, I'd love to know where to get some more.

  5. I just trow it on the stick and fold the sides toward the back....easy! I like the mops they sell instead of the towels, it helps dry the floor easier.

  6. I fold the towel in half and in half again (basically it is rectangular shape) put the wood in the middle and use clothes pins to hold. I can the resold the towel to the next clean section and continue. I only have to get it wet once.

  7. I use the Cuban mop for ceilings and floors and walls. It is the simplest way to get the dust and dirt gone.


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