It seems to be hard to catch up. At least harder than I remember it.

Money wise, that is.

Yeah, chore wise too. I'm not sure how THAT happened.

Back to the subject at hand.

It's Friday, two days after Wednesday, which means I've missed the WFMW linkup and it's time to link up with Frugal Friday ... I've missed a few of them lately just because TIME seems to be getting out of hand lately too ...

Wow, no wonder I've felt slightly off ... Money, chores, time, work, kids, animals, and oh, the Hubby. What about me??


You probably already know about my love of lists.

For everything. From chores, to bill paying, to errands, to suggest MEALS!

As I was waiting for Sonny Boy's bus to arrive (yes, he took a Greyhound on a Thursday for $37 from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale, said it was way better than the student bus program), I grabbed my handy dandy little book and pen and started to write out a list of meal ideas based on what I have in house at the moment.

It's a little difficult when you are not standing in your kitchen looking at your available ingredients, trust me.

But being that I just did a big shop earlier this week, and that I pretty much browse the remaining contents of the freezer daily, I had a fairly good idea of what was on hand.

So like these two lists, I believe I have everything on hand to make each meal without needing anything special, other than the usual salad and milk items. we go:

chicken (f) stirfry with rice (p) and stirfry veggies (f)
Starkist fish (f) and yellow rice (p)
pork chops (f) and boxed scallop taters (p)
pepperoni (p) pizza (p) and garden salad with olive garden dressing
cobb salad (fridge) (p)
Bangin Shrimp (f) (p) (fridge)
teriyaki (p) chicken thighs (f) with stirfry veggies (f)
burgers (f) and grilled fries (p)
salisbury steaks (f) with egg noodles (p)
sausage (f) and peppers (fridge) (f) and onions (p)
ranch chicken (f) (p)
turkey (f) tacos (p)
blackened chicken (f) sandwiches (p)
hot dogs (f) with potato salad (p)
chicken picatta (f) (p) (now that I don't need white wine!)

Like that, 15 meals. And of course, nothing spectacular (except that chicken picatta stuff) but stuff that Hubby and I both enjoy (Princess counts too, but only home 10% of the time for dinner) ...

This one is a multi link up with Works For Me and Frugal Fridays! Should check them both out!


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