Week 26 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

Yeah, I admit it, last week's plan really wasn't spot on ... I mean, heck, who was I kidding?

I knew the week could turn out to be busy AND I also knew that Hubby would be home ... so here's the truth:
Sunday: chicken thighs and wedge salad
Monday: leftovers
Tuesday: crock pot ranch pork (which hubby could NOT find the lid so he added a bunch of liquid and they were just so so)
Wednesday: ordered pizza at 9:30pm from the pool (yes, seriously)
Thursday: popcorn ...
and Friday: burgers and dogs on the grill. With a bunch of girlfriends. And too much beer, bourbon and vodka. Yes. That's the truth.
Saturday was a night for recuperating and movies (aka, lazy) so we ordered chinese. For delivery.


This week needs to be better. That's all I can say! The grocery store shop during the week wasn't so very bad either, Publix $100 on Sunday and $30 on Friday. Monday was lots of beer and fruity stuff ... Friday was 'some' beer and hot dog, hamburger buns.

Then of course, there was the Costco trip on Sunday. AGAIN! But this time, I went by myself which is so much more practical. I had my list in hand and stayed focused! Honestly. As Hubby is entering Week 3 of unemployment, I MUST stay on track! 

I also need to hit up the Fresh Market on Tuesday since it's the last week of the B1G1F ground sirloin and market style bacon ...

Ok, enough rambling ... here's what I'm looking to make this week!

Sunday - Chicken Inspired BLT Salad ... already had everything in the house before the big Costco trip ... lots of leftover chicken and salad stuff for the week too ... (watch for recipe this week!)

Monday - Crock pot night - Hubby wants to make Italian Beef ... so Italian Beef it is ... had beef in freezer and picked up the rolls at Costco

Tuesday - Chicken Caesar Salad ... chicken in freezer

Wednesday - I'd like to go out but really should count on staying in ... leftovers?

Thursday - Thai Inspired Shrimp Salad ... shrimp in freezer

Friday - Blackened Chicken Sandwiches (burgers/dogs for those who don't chicken) ... chicken/dogs in freezer ... may need to pick up buns

Saturday - Maybe snapper ... it's Hubby's choice tonight ... I have a couple of packages of snapper in freezer that I don't want to go to waste

So, what are YOU planning for the week?

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