Week 13 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

Last weeks plan was a pretty big failure:
Monday my dad went back in the hospital and was released on Thursday ... thought it was his gallbladder, in the end, 'suspect underlying heart disease and divirculitis' ... imagine that? 4 days and all those tests and that's what the verdict is? I could have told them that in the beginning.
Of course, sitting in the ER for 5 hours in freezing cold air conditioning made my nose start running. Oh, wait, Tuesday morning arrived the next wave of this $*!#@ cold. Uggg. At last, a week later, I'm feeling better. I feel like I've been sick more than healthy so far this year.
So following the menu last week took a back seat. I think I only ate dinner one night. Not a good plan. Then Hubby started coming down with it Saturday, just when I was starting to think of cooking again. :(
This week appears to be a pretty laid back week for me though ... Hubby is in Detroit Monday to Friday ... Princess has a fairly heavy work week, I think, so it will just be me & Kitty ... oh and Kitten too. Great. (Anyone want a sweet, adorable white kitten?)
Thinking of hitting Costco mid week as Easter is coming and Hubby wants to make mac & cheese with the Coastal Cheddar ... that's the only place I've seen it ... IF I go, I will only pick up some lunch meat, milk, half and half, coffee pods, lettuce, cukes, peppers and a few other odds and ends. Nothing to stock up on so to speak ... need to get the pantry and freezer cleared out ...
So, in my quest to continue using what we have (and hey, being sick at least kept me out of the stores last week! I only bought a loaf of Italian bread and bananas that are both still on the counter) I am planning the following:
Sunday - Sausage and Peppers ... sausage was in the freezer and the peppers were picked up last week (as were the shrooms and onions). I bought the bread Sunday but we didn't use it ...
Monday - Chili (last bowl from freezer) ... looking to purge the pantry tonight
Tuesday - Thai Inspired Shrimp Salad ... Hubby's gone so time to whip out the mango and avocado recipes! Have a head of cabbage in fridge, shrimp in freezer and a container of mango in fridge (that I need to check, might have to buy new), avocados in fridge too
Wednesday - I'm hoping leftover Thai Shrimp Salad ... if not, a salad of sorts (today I take my dad to the psych doctor so not sure how work stuff is going to be). Looking to purge ONE freezer tonight
Thursday - chicken of sorts. I do have tons of chicken thighs in the freezer, you know? Not sure yet what sounds tasty to me but should probably give a new recipe a whirl ...
Friday - Hubby back home tonight, so crock pot meal ... Salisbury Steaks ... off the top of my head, I'm pretty sure I've got beef in freezer and the rest of the ingredients I can wing ... will pick up the ready mashed taters at store mid week since they are BOGO.
Saturday - Hubbys choice ... would really like to go out since it will be over 2 weeks for me, but he's been traveling and most likely not want to eat out anymore ...
What are YOU planning for the week?
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