Menu Plan Monday

Happy Columbus Day! I am off, sort of. The banks are closed as is the post office, but yet the county courts and recording offices are open, so I'm anticipating a little time in the office just to be sure nothing needs tending....

It's also Monday which means Menu Plan time!

Sunday - Chili that Hubby made in the crockpot. Great way to end the crappy weather weekend.

Monday - as I'm meeting a girlfriend to try out a class at the gym, gonna be home later than normal. So leaning towards Chicken Cesar Salad using the leftover Chicken from Chicken Piccata. (yeah, it will have the piccata flavor, that's perfectly fine for us)

Tuesday - Hubby does gym, and I may too, although, I've been doing running so maybe I'll do that, depends on how I feel ... dinner will be salad related, thinking of Chicken, Corn and Black Bean salad to get some more pantry food out of the way.

Wednesday - Our night out ... we are going to try a new place over on 33rd Street ... local.

Thursday - Hubby does gym, I do run, dinner will be easy with just a small tuna salad to go with it some whole grain crackers.

Friday - Grilling out (hopefully) ... sausage and peppers (bumped from last week due to rain and wind). We ended up going to our friends who made burgers and fries anyways.

Saturday - Hubby chooses.

What are YOU making for dinner this week? Hop on over to Organizing Junkie and check out hundreds of others!


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