Menu Plan Monday

Ok, I'm back in business with a plan this week! At least I hope so!

After going on vacation and then having to fly out immediately for a funeral and THEN getting sick, I'm so very ready to get back on schedule with EVERYTHING in my life!

So first things first: Menu Plan!

Sunday: Shrimp cocktail (for me). Kids are all out and well, I'm taking the easy road!

Monday: Hubby is home at last. Making Sausage and peppers with onion skewers. Using the Apple Chicken Sausage from freezer. No side dish, unless anyone wants a salad too.

Tuesday: Sonny Boy graduation! I'm so excited for him. Unfortunately, it's at 7pm, he has to be at school by 5:30 and we probably won't be home til 9pm so seriously, may just make a sandwich bar up in the morning, stash in the fridge so it's ready at 9 when we get home. Luckily I have everything in fridge/pantry to do this!  I might just make up a small batch of potato salad too with the left over baked taters (2) that I have in the fridge. And maybe my favorite oriental salad ...

Wednesday: Gym? No Gym? I don't know ... But regardless, I'd like to make the Hot Boneless Wings with celery and carrots on the side

Thursday: Gym? No Gym? I don't know ... but I will be having tacos (with ground chicken, already prepared in the freezer) with the works. Meat is already cooked and I can prep all the rest that morning and have in the fridge for Sonny Boy and all to prepare earlier if they'd like to (the beauty of them being older...)

Friday: Burgers and fries. Will whip out the fryer, set it up outside by the grill and fry up some of these frozen fries and cook the burgers in the freezer. More room in the Freezer! Yes!

Saturday: We may be going to friends, or we may be staying here. We may be working on the boat for all I know :) As long as the tropics don't do anything funny, we will most likely be grillin and chillin ... and I'm thinking CHICKEN baby ... maybe chicken thighs as Satay, or just plain ordinary teriyaki, or ... I don't know ... will definately play it by ear!

So did you plan out your menu this week? If so, go link up with Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday ... 100's of others are!


  1. I have GOT TO GET WITH IT with my menu plans this summer. Hoping to get one together today. Your plan sounds great!!!


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