Green Onions

I was making the Enchiladas last night and had to make a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home (yes, I AM aware that I'm on a Pantry Challenge, and I only spent $8.48 on a GIFT card ... was challenging to say the least) ...
So, one of the things I needed was green onions. 2 bunches for $1.19. ???? Wow, those got expensive. Didn't they use to be like 3 for $1 or something like that??

So I grabbed the 2 healthiest looking bunches (not so great really) and brought them home.

Which prompted me to get a flashlight and walk out to the garden to confirm something: Yes, there they are. In the ground, waving their little green thingys at me in the dark.

Here's a tip to avoid that cost again!  Cut off the white bulby part with a little bit of the fading in to green area. Stick the root part into dirt, cover a little (not totally) and wait. Just a little while (a few days) and you will see the green shoots coming up. As that's the only part that I use (I think that's the case with MOST people) it's perfect. When you need some green onion, simply take your scissors and cut off what you need, bring it in, rinse and use. (oh by the way, we are in the midst of our garden season here in south Florida ... had to tie up my tomato plant as it's gotten HUGE and the wind has not been kind the past few days)

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  1. I grow green onions year round. They even make it through the extreme summer heat of 116ยบ and up. I just cut the green side shoots off. They continue to produce al year, and then they go to seed, and give me a new crop every year. I haven't bought green onions for 4 years! I actually had to rip out quite a few and give them away because I went from 2 rows to 6! I started with 2 six packs of green onions from the nursery.

  2. I have noticed that a lot of food bloggers in the US only use the green tops, but here in Canada we use all of it - the white part as well. I am glad you have found a way to save on these, but it wouldn't work for me - can't grow anything with 5 inches of snow on the ground anyhow :)

  3. Hehe...that would be a LOT of green onions PH! :)

    Kim, I know that my grandfather used to salt the bulb and eat the whole thing ... I don't know ... and you are right, that snow would be bothersome right now!


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