Affiliate Disclosure

Any time you click on a link within a post, there is a possibility that the link takes you to an affiliated link or another site that may compensate me for the referral link.

It should be noted that most bloggers use affiliated links and anytime you click through to buy something or sign up for a service or whatnot, there is a compensation paid to that blogger for the referral. When I first started blogging years ago, and following other bloggers, I did NOT know this as it was not a requirement to disclose such things.

So yes, if you click through an Amazon link, you may be contributing to my bottom line. Same with joining Swagbucks, Digit, etc. It should be noted, however, that does NOT pay a referral fee and I still recommend them to all ... so it's not always about the money!

If you do not want to contribute the monetary success of this blog, by all means, click through a link and then do a search to remove the referring link ... I am fine with that :)

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