Grocery Shops In Review #2

Hi! Looky that, a 2nd Grocery Shop in Review post!

Hubby is traveling this week and returns on the 20th (left Wednesday after his infusion) ... I'm out of the #tinycondo on Friday and Saturday next week to babysit the baby boy (ok, so he's a year old now!) while Princess and her man go to a wedding ... so really, I shouldn't be needing this much food, right?!


Costco - 1/5/2019
Total Spent - $315.63

First off, there are a LOT of non-food items on here but because I don't really break down my household/food budget (hah, who are we kidding, FOOD BUDGET??) I'm putting it all out there ... and more than anything, you might see something that seems like a good deal to you!

50 pk hangers - $12.99 less $3 (I'll share a picture of my before and after closet just for kicks)
OralB Smart Electric Toothbrush (2 pk) $149.99 less $50
12 pc (4 plates, 4 salad bowls, 4 cereal bowls) $14.99 (perfect for what we need!)
15 pounds of baking taters $6.99 (the Boy will come take some!)
12 count guacamole pk $10.99
2 1/2 pound celery sticks $4.49
16 (2 pk each) hard boiled eggs (32 total) $9.49
large pk of boneless center cut pork chops $9.73 less $3
3 pk english cucumbers (the ones I really wanted) $3.19
4 pk Crest Charcoal Toothpaste $19.99 less $4
2 bottles of red wine $19.69 each (gave one to a girlfriend)
pair of jeans for me $14.99 (probably going back)
9 pk of replacement heads for toothbrushes $49.99 less $10
4 pk of oven mitts $13.99
2 pk of pomegranate arils $7.99 less $1

It was a lot. BUT I will say, the toothbrush and toothpaste have made my day! I've been brushing my teeth 3 times a day as it feels SO good (feels just like when you first get your teeth cleaned at the dentist) so for ME, it's worth it. The replacement heads are expensive which is why I just went ahead and bought them right there so I wouldn't have to procrastinate in a few months to buy new ones!

I will be going back to buy another 12 pk of the dishes. We got rid of all our dishes when we sold the house so I'm putting that back together again! Gosh! I haven't shared a whole lot here! Go check out The Mark and Jan Show (particularly the Let's Party posts) for a quick rundown of what's been going on with us!

Aldi - 1/6/2018
Total Spent - $28.80

Hubby wanted to run by and take a look at these little cart things that are on sale THIS week .... tried to tell him they wouldn't have them out yet but he still wanted to go ...

dozen eggs $1.08
Cherry Chocolate Chia Bars $2.89
organic coffee $4.99 (uhm, I will go back and buy more of this)
ketchup (this is HUGE for me as a self professed ketchup snob) $1.69
2 bags of frozen broccoli $1.19 each
2 bags of california blend veggies $.99 each
sour cream $.99
jar of marinara sauce $2.29
3 small containers yogurt $.39 each
tube of basil paste $2.49
adobe seasoning $1.42
can of corned beef hash $1.69
can of chili without beans $1.29
4 pk of toilet paper $2.19

So ... I don't recommend the toilet paper (compares to Scott) ... not sure why Hubby picked up the pasta sauce, chili and corned beef hash ... which I don't know WHY since he flew out on Wednesday!

Aldi - 1/9/2019
Total Spent - $30.54


5 avocados $.49 each (like really!)
12 meat pizza $4.49
2 coffee creamers $1.79 each
3 pk romaine hearts $1.99
8 count burrito tortillas $1.29
2 Aldi keychains $1.29 each
2 boxes coffee pods $4.99 each
1 pound deli ham $3.99

Ok, so I'm digging the coffee ... the creamers, eh, they are "ok" ... the pizza? NO. Lunchmeat is "ok" ... and NO little suitcase/cart thingy!

Then ... Friday night, instead of going to Happy Hour, I went to Costco. WHAT was I thinking??

Costco - 1/11/2019
Total Spent - $128.63

2 pks of 50 count hangers $12.99 less $3 (I think 1 pk is going back now that closet is done!)
2 12 pc dinnerware sets $14.99 (again, 1 is going back as it's too much)
1 10 pc silicone kitchen set $14.97
Kirkland laundry pods $17.99 (I really wanted Tide)
cilantro lime shrimp $12.09 (I was hungry)
Asian chopped salad kit $4.99
bottle of Santa Margharita $17.99 (to replace the Happy Hour out)
bag of mini babybel cheese $10.99 (why?)
grilled chicken skewers $11.89
container of caesar salad $9.05
2 pound french cut green beans $5.99
Top Sirloin steaks $21.79 (5 or 6 gigantic cuts)
4 pounds of organic ground beef $19.99

My total was $207.30 but I whipped out my $78.67 rebate check and knocked the bill down.

A few notes: the caesar salad was Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday snack AND Sunday breakfast. I also divided the rest in to 2 glass containers for lunch and dinner on Monday. I used the chicken skewers (2) for each meal as well.

I redid the master closet using the space saving hangers. I don't like them as the GRIP the clothes and you can't just pull anything off BUT they really do consolidate space so with the #tinycondo, it works.

I really want MORE than 8 plates but not more than 8 cereal bowls ... I could use 12 salad bowls as well BUT the 12 cereal bowls take up too much room. Maybe when I finish rearranging the kitchen cabinets it will be ok but right now, I don't think so (they stack HIGH and not flat)

SO ... what did YOU buy this week?

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties ... go check them out!
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