Costco Time!

It's been awhile since I've stepped inside a Costco ... I've been trying pretty hard to reduce our grocery spending lately and have been fairly successful so even though this was an expensive trip, I'm ok with it.

Granted, there were a few things NOT on my list that was picked up and a few things that I left behind ... because, you know, Costco is not always the best price on some stuff. ::Gasp!:: I know.

I dropped Hubby off at the airport bright and early, got stuck in a major traffic jam that left me fuming for a good half hour after I got home ... I just needed to chill out before I headed to Costco ... the Boy was here so he came along with me for the ride which is probably a good thing in that he keeps me from straying down those random aisles ;-)

Here's what we got:

Kirkland Paper Towels $15.69
Kirkland Toilet Paper $15.99
4 pack variety of Ziplocs $13.59 (season print, was the cheapest)
152 count Tide pods $29.99
2 pack Crest White Strips $39.99
Gatorade $14.99
6 pk ceramic really cool ombre bowls $14.99

2 pk Ammo Box $18.99 less $4
2 twin pack stainless steel water bottles $12.99 each pk

variety pack of coffee x 2 $33.99 less $6 each
40 count zephyrhills water bottle $4.69
2 dozen eggs $3.59
5 pk avocados $5.99
box of Kiwis $6.99
Italian Sausage $13.99
granola bars $12.29
6 pk Japanese veggies/noodle bowls $11.59
3 40 oz containers of greek yogurt $4.79 each
Caveman Protein Bars $17.99
320 count Aleve $18.49
Downy Unstoppables $14.49 less $9
2 pk Sara Lee Artesano bread $4.69
large bag of spinach $5.99
twin pk oatmeal $7.99
3 pk chunk Guacamole $12.99 (meant to grab individual servings!)
2 pkgs of fresh green beans $5.99 each (4 pounds total)

2 boxes (18 count each) of hard boiled eggs $8.99
bag of Asian Chopped Salad $4.99
4 pounds of low sodium bacon x 2 $12.99 each (4 pounds each package)
4 pk butter lettuce $4.99
rotisserie chicken $4.99

Total Spent $472.98. Holy crap. That was too much ... but now I have some food in the fridge and freezers and I'm ready for the week ahead without Hubby here ... this is when I fall down the rabbit hole and eat out a LOT more than normal so I'm aiming to NOT go there this week!

There's going to be some heavy meal prep going on for the week ahead! I'll try to get a post up of the menu plan and meal prep!

Been to Costco lately??

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