Grocery Shops in Review

Hey, did you miss the weekly review last week?? That's because I did NOT go to the store once!

#Shelftember Success!

Sort of. If only we hadn't had that damn storm ... I so would have been in the right mind to do it .. sadly, the storm cleared out my freezers quite a bit (between long power loss and feeding everyone that came by to prevent a total waste of food) I was a little strapped for proteins.

But we made it. I did spend LESS at the end of the month. Not as much as I would have liked, but anything is better than nothing, right?

So here's how my week panned out:

Publix - October 2, 2017
Total Spent $75.76

A little more than I aimed for ... I had a $5 off $45 to use

Tailor Farms Asian Chopped Salad

2 bags of BBQ Ranch chopped salad mix $3 each
1 bag of Asian chopped salad mix $3
Oven cleaner $4.59 (been a long time since I've bought and wow, it's not cheap!)
Stainless steel polish cleaner $4.15
6 bottles of coconut water $4.99 for each 2 as they were B1G1F
package of thin cut chicken breast $4.53
package of thin cut chicken breast $4.40 (they were $4.49 per pound)
bottle of Almond milk creamer $3
gallon of milk $3.75
Bottle of Stok (cold brew coffee) $3.99
container of fresh salsa $3.59
10 pk of Seattle Best coffee pods $4.13 (they were B1G1F but only 1 on shelf)
2 pounds of breaded deli chicken tenders $15.89 (totally spontaneous)
pkg of sesame seed slider buns $3.29

And then, again:

Publix - October 3, 2017
Total Spent - $40.64

I had one last coupon for $5 off $45 that expires on the 4th ...

4 bottles of coconut water $4.99 for 2 (b1g1f)
2 one pound packages of grass fed beef $5.99 each
2 bottles of Chamelon Cold Brew coffee $9.99 each
container of gum $3.49 (to put me at $45)

That would have been nice to end the week there ... but ...

Then there was:

Birds Eye Broccoli Florets Birds Eye Cauliflower Florets

Walmart - October 6, 2017
Total Spent - $196.18

So, I had a $25 gift card from Swagbucks. And I also had a $37.xx giftcard from Savings Catcher. Dummy me, I had them take the $25 first, stuck in my debit card while the cashier was keying in the number and the damn order rang up on the card and closed out BEFORE it took the last gift card. Ugh. So I still have $37.xx to use.
*Full disclosure - some stuff was picked up for the Princess Baby Shower coming up on the 21st ... and some stuff was left behind ;-)

Emergen-C Energy Emergen-C Vitamin C

Ranch dressing $3.88*
18 count EmergenC (Energy) $9.97
18 count EmergenC (Vitamin C) $9.97
2 bottles of italian dressing $1.98 each*
bottle of Soft Scrub $3.88
32 oz jar Pepperoncini $2.98*
Dawn dish soap $3.97
4 cans black beans $.92 each*
4 cans of sweet corn $.77 each*
liners $2.97
2 pk toothpaste $5.96
2 pks of different toothpaste $5.24 each
2 pk toothbrushes $3.97
TP $11.98
Paper towel $8.98
32 oz bottle lemon juice $1.52
2 cans chopped black olives $1.34 each*
red wine vinegar $1.93
hoagie rolls $3.78
burger buns $3.48
1 lb shredded sharp cheddar $4.22
2 mini 10 count coke products $3.50 each
2 avocado sprays $4.48 each
2 pkgs of butter sticks $4.28 each
cottage cheese $2.62
30 count sausage patties $7.94
2 4 pks bacon & cheese burgers $4.27 (marked down from $7.xx)
2 pkgs turkey breast lunchmeat $5.96 each
2 pkgs ham lunchmeat $5.96 each
container grape tomatoes $2.98
4 small container greek yogurt $1 each
2 pounds red onions $2.74
pkg of mini taters $3.47
roma tomatoes $1.15
green onions $1.18
large bag of frozen broccoli $5.98
large bag of frozen cauliflower $5.98
large bag of stir fry veggies $5.98 (didn't realize a sauce was in pkg as well)
2 boxes pop tarts $1.98 each
large canister shoe string potatoes $3.98
18 count large eggs $1.84

Yeah, spent WAY more than I wanted to ... never go to Walmart at 5pm on a Friday ;-)   I'm certainly going to need to meal plan and prep this week!

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties ... go check them out!
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  1. Haha! You are right about Walmart on a Friday at 5pm! Looks like you got some good deals. Thank you for sharing at Celebrate It!


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