Costco Time!

Ok, maybe I went overboard ... I mean, heck, we are doing a #Shelftember Challenge for September ... $30 a week for groceries and other things picked up ... I blew the budget the last week of August and honestly, it doesn't really do any good if you go over budget and then stop cold turkey 100% ... not really a learning experience you know? Or lifestyle habit. Or just plain right.  Click here for the rest of the Grocery Shop In Review ...

$2.99 each


Anyways. I went to Costco. I had a list. They didn't have a few of the things on my list. Scrubby Bubbles? Nada.Wood Polish? Zilch.


So I bought other things instead. And totally not related to cleaning!

Here's what I picked up that fine Sunday morning (August 27th, 2017):

Kirkland protein bars $17.99
18 count chocolate protein shakes $24.99 less $5
18 count vanilla protein shakes $24.99 less $5
2 boxes of Caveman protein bars $17.99 each
Costco size box of granola bars $12.29 less $3.80
2.5 pounds cashews $19.99
cottage cheese (3 pounds?) $4.99
10 count frozen ham & cheese omelette $9.49 (this was stupid but I wanted to see how they reheat in microwave before I make my own)
Avocado mayo $8.49
Asian Chopped Salad $4.79
3 pk butter lettuce $4.99
5 pk artisan baby romaine $3.99
2 pk splatter screens $19.99
case of egg white cartons $8.99
2 pk serving boards (bamboo) $14.99 less $5 (somehow I missed they were this cheap!)
2 pineapples $2.99 each
Ciabatta/Torta rolls $6.49 (so sad these got this expensive)
rotisserie chicken $4.99 (impulse buy which is bad ... we don't like chicken like this!)
Season pork tenderloin medalions $12.65 (the best! made up for the chicken!)
40 count water bottles $4.69
48 inch string of indoor/outdoor lights $29.99 less $5
2 pk lysol toilet cleaner $7.99
6 pk clorox wipes $13.49 less $2.80
green beans (of course!) $4.99
2 pk sara lee artesano bread $4.69
bag of crumbled bacon $10.99
2 pounds cheddar cheese slices $6.99
24 hard boiled/peeled eggs $6.99
3 pk english cucumbers $3.49
bag of celery sticks $3.99
6 pack peppers $6.99
3 pk mens Dove body wash $11.99 less $3
tomato mix $5.99
swifter duster $14.49 less $3
6 pk tuna $12.99 less $3
3 pound bag of almonds $12.99 less $3

I used my $22 gift card that was from the previous month. Did you know if you buy something and then a coupon comes out the next month, you can take your receipt back and get the credit? That's what my $22 was from!

Been to Costco lately? And tell me the truth, do you really stick to your list? I know that's what my problem is. I ended up NOT picking up a few things because I knew I was over budget :(

Keep an eye out for the upcoming regularly scheduled Grocery Shops In Review post ...

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