Menu Planning

It's been a fairly quiet weekend as we were puppy sitting (12 week old French bull dog) and pressure washing the pavers ... eek! It's hotter than heck too AND we haven't received any rain ...

Puppy sitting was fun, but yes, a lot of hands on care. He's so cute but regardless, it's 5pm and I'm waiting for his master to call and retrieve him so I can clean ;-)

I've not been to the store myself since last week ... almost 10 days now! Sweet! Hubby did stop on Friday and spent under $50 so that was pretty cool ... and it included a jar of ghee and a 12 pk of Coronas....

Here's what we planned:

Saturday - Aussie chicken because I had everything on hand (chicken, bacon in freezer, made the honey mustard dressing, cheese from Costco several weeks ago and shrooms are what Hubby picked up). I also made a bag of frozen chopped spinach for hubby as I know he'd want more than just the chicken

Sunday - leftovers ... a few slices of pizza (frozen) from Friday, ham deli roll ups (ham from store last week) and uhm, the last hamburger from Tuesday (it's fine, I promise!)

Monday - Mandarin Chicken Salad - Hubby is NOT a huge fan of this but he will eat it ;-) This will use up the balance of my lettuce. I have chicken in the freezer, oranges in the pantry!

Tuesday - Taco Tuesday! Beef in the freezer, cheese in fridge, shells in pantry and maybe frozen margaritas. Just because I have an audit this afternoon in the office ... I really want to check out a new to us Mexican restaurant that has all you can eat tacos but eh ... we should be saving our money! I may check it out online to see how much it is and see if Hubby wants to make that a date night.

Wednesday - Chicken Stir Fry - chicken breast in freezer, will use whatever veggies we have on hand.  Hubby will most likely use the veggie stir fry rice we have from Trader Joe's and I might just make a batch of riced cauliflower.

Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry

Thursday - leftovers!

Friday - Hubby's choice, most likely will be pool night and I think I'll break out the 2 rib eyes i have in the freezer (he heads out again on Tuesday night)

What are YOU making this week?

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties ... go check them out!

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  1. Some mouthwatering ideas there! Thanks for sharing on the What's for Dinner link up!


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