Grocery Shops in Review

Hubby's out of town and I had to hit up the store on Friday night and Saturday morning ... needed a few things to finish up the Meal Prep with Friends event I had on Saturday. FYI - the word friends should be singular as it was just two of us but that just doesn't read right!

Trader Joe's - July 21, 2017
Total Spent - $128.38
*I actually have a video posted here!*

"8 gallon" insulated bag $6.99 (why are TJ's bags my downfall??)
Frozen veggie fried rice $2.29
1 pound jumbo shrimp $9.99
Bottle of rose wine $3.99
2 4 pks wine (in cans) $4.99 each (one white one rose)
2 boxes of angus beef burgers $6.99 each
2 40 oz bags of frozen b/s chicken thighs $6.99 each
2 mac & cheese boxes $2.99 each
3 pk frozen brown rice (cooked) $2.99
3 bags of riced cauliflower $1.99 each
Bag of almond flour $7.49
3 pkgs of pepperoni $3.29 each
2 dozen large eggs .99 cents per carton
2 large avocados $1.69 each
2 cans of Matcha Green Tea .99 cents each
Truffle cheddar cheese block $6.69 (what was I thinking? I have a ton of cheese and don't eat a whole lot of it!)
Bottle of white wine $6.99 (didn't realize it was this much)
3 pkgs of green beans $2.69 each
Living basil plant $3.99

Go check out the video ... anyone have any recommendations for the echo?? Do have any tried and true courses for video editing? I really need to learn a little more ;-)

Next up was ...

Publix - July 22, 2017
Total Spent - $75.36 (!!)
*I only needed tp, onions, green onions, lemons and limes*

Bag of coleslaw mix $1.89
6 bottles of coconut water (the best!) $2.00 each LESS $1.00 off coupon!
8 pk LaCroix blackberry/cucumber $3.34
2 8 pks LaCroix cherry/lime $3.34 & $3.33
2 green onions $1.69
Bag of yellow onions $2.49
2+ pounds red cherries $4.40 ($1.99/lb totally worth it!)
Almond milk coffee creamer $4.45 (price increase)
TP $5.99
Cilantro .89 cents
Sesame oil $6.69
2 bottles coconut aminos $5.79 each
12 pk Corona light $13.99
24 pk spring water $3.50

As I was being rung up, I realized I totally blew off the lemon and limes! The older gentleman behind me asked if I did my shopping list on my phone ... he does and uses Alexa to do his list for him each week (Hey Alexa, add milk to my shopping list). Good grief, maybe I should try that? Wait, I don't' have an Alexa, only Siri!

Soooo ... before I knew it, it was time again as Princess and her Hubby were coming into town and well, she is pregnant so I wanted to get a few more healthy things...besides, we like to make sure everyone has food in the house, you know??

Trader Joe's - July 26, 2017
Total Spent - ahem $130.19
I can't even remember what exactly I went for

2 pounds strawberries $7.99
3 4 pk white Simpler Wines $4.99 each (no Rose!?)
2 boxes waffles $1.99 each
Cut cantaloupe $3.69
Brown rice $2.99
Bag of shrimp (upcoming mini vacation for hubby & I) $9.99
Ghee $3.99
Coconut aminos $2.99 (curious how it compares)
Bottle of maple syrup $15.99
Jumbo red onion 99 cents
Sweet onion 79 cents
2 bags of Handsome cut fries $1.99 each
2 boxes mac & cheese $2.99 each
4 bags of organic broccoli florets $2.49 each (these were nice and small and sweet!)
2 pkgs of taco season (powder) 79 cents each
5 cans refried black beans (for the Boy) 99 cents each
4 cans black beans 79 cents each
1 lonely can of rose wine (yes, can, 12 oz) $5.99 - no rose in the 4 pack so I wanted to try it
2 cucumbers $1.29 each
Red bell pepper 99 cents
Tortilla chips $3.49
"Gourmet" white bread $1.99 (note to self, skip next time)
Tiny container of chocolate and coconut almonds $4.99 ... very compatible to the elusive ones from Costco
2 pounds of organic blueberries $7.99

Yup, that was a lot of weird stuff.

So ... I'm adding this to my grocery shops because booze counts in my house: the Boy's sweet girlfriend sent me a text and said her Trader Joe's had a wall full of cases of the Simpler Wines and included ROSE! She asked if I wanted a few 4 packs and I told her to grab ALL of them. Well, instead, being the reasonable young lady that she is, she grabbed a case which had 12 4 pks. So, $60 was handed over to her for her good deed.

And then there was:

Costco - July 29, 2017
total Spent - $699.03 
*I will say some of the stuff was for the Princess, baby to be and her Hubby ...

Paper towel $15.69
Toilet paper $15.99
24 pk Vanilla Protein drinks $24.99 (was going to pick up the Kirkland brand but has half the protein)
36 count Pringles $9.49 less $2.50 *split with princess and us*
flat of peaches $9.99 *princess*
2 pk of stretchy pants $16.99 *princess*
3 pk Yakisoba Japanese stuff $11.59 *princess*
3 pack Off $9.99
Avocado oil Mayo $8.49 (yes, I normally make my own but I was curious)
Jar of Olive stuff by Pickle Guy $8.99 *princess Hubby*
2 pkgs of string cheese $8.99 each *1 for princess*
trio of hummus $6.39 *princess*
container of chicken and swiss wraps $9.99 (baby momma was getting hungry)
honey $11.99
2 2 pks of artesian bread $4.69 each package (2 loaves) *1 for princess*
sliced ham $8.83
roasted beef brisket $16.51 *princess*
cooked beef brisket $16.89
mozzarella balls $8.59
4 pounds bacon $16.99
artesian baby lettuce $4.69
coarse ground black pepper $6.99
Asian Chopped Salad Mix $4.79
KS Abf Pldpk???  $9.99 *princess but not sure what it is?*
Mild Italian Sausage $13.99
Chicken & Kale burgers $11.99 (my new favorite thing)
2 3 pks cucumbers $3.49 *1 for princess*
2 boxes of Caveman Bars $17.99
container shredded Parmesan cheese $11.79
Bonne Maman Jam $5.99 - total spontaneous purchase the stuff is the bomb!
Vacuum sealed boneless shortribs $30.91
2 pkgs green beans $4.79 *1 for princess*
bag of lemons $7.99
bag of limes $4.99
single serve guac packs $11.99
fruit tray $9.99 *princess*
diapers $37.49 *baby to be*
baby wipes $19.99 *baby to be*
napkins $8.49
tidepods (4 pk) $29.99
ziploc assortments $13.59
kcup coffee $39.99
24 pk of Corona Light $25.99
airwick scent thingys $14.99 less $3 *princess*
raspberries $4.99
2 24 pk hard boiled eggs $6.99 each *1 for princess*
18 pk eggs $3.69
4 pk lysol spray $14.99
fabuloso $7.99
dawn dish soap $9.59

Whelp. I think this pretty much shows how my August is going to play out now! How did you do on your grocery shopping this week?


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