Grocery Shopping This Past Week


I'm Jan and I am the owner and blogger of Frugal In Florida.

Do not let the following grocery trips fool you.

I've had a slight coming to Jesus while eating hot dogs from the freezer poolside Thursday night.

Seriously. No joke.

Trader Joe's - May 17th, 2017
Total Spent -$82.66 ... all items fit in to 3 smaller Trader Joe's bags. Mission? Cauliflower rice, cauliflower pizza crust AND mashed cauliflower.

2 bags (12 oz) "Jumbo" Shrimp $9.99 each
3 pkgs frozen mac & cheese (the best!) $2.99 each
2 organic frozen pizza crusts $2.99 each (mind you, I went for the cauliflower crust, there were none)
1 lonely bag of riced cauliflower $1.99 (only bag there)
2 16 oz containers of "just chicken" .... cooked, quick protein $6.99 each
1 bottle pink lemonade $2.69
Bottle if cold brew concentrated coffee $7.99
Bowl of chopped slaw $2.99
Ghee $3.99
2 containers of roasted milk chocolate peanuts $3.99 each
Large bag of tortilla chips $3.49
2 large dozen eggs $.99 each

Yup ...  3 bags

And then there was Walmart. May 18th, 2017
Total Spent - $93.34. Granted those items with an * are for my dad. Mission? Bleach, stuff for my dad, scope out marked down beef. Beef was EMPTY as they had a refrigerant issue.

Jerky $3.98 ... I was starving. Less 75 cent coupon
Carefree pads $2.97. Just noticed she charged me for two šŸ˜¤
Roma tomatoes $1.58
1 pound shredded cheddar cheese $3.98
Cheddar cheese slices $2.22
Two containers of sliced ham $5.94 and $5.98 each
Cilantro $.59
Deodorant $5.47
2 jalapeƱos $.24
10 pk 5 hour energy $19.99
2 jars queso $3.48 each
2 bars of bath soap $.97 each
*6 pk small a&w root beer $2.50
*6 pk oj $6.27
Jug of bleach $2.94
2 cartons almond milk coffee creamer $1.97 each
2 bags of chips $3.48 each

Next Up - Publix - May 18th, 2017
Total Spent - 36.06. Mission? Milk. Just Milk.

Gallon of milk $3.69
2 containers of fruit salad (cut up) $6.53 & $6.46 (2nd one was free)
2 pkgs of LaCroix Cherry Lime $4.39 each
12 pk Corona beer $15.59

Yes, just like that, I blew my food budget. Like seriously?  I think what I want to point out is that each stop was for a few specific items and I deviated so far off the list it's not even funny.

Suddenly, I've thrown caution to the wind. I've felt the sense of entitlement and that I am deserving. I am deserving BUT I still need to rein myself in.  Did I really need to buy the TWO cherry lacroix right then and there? No. They would have been cheaper at Walmart had I been thinking then. I just happened to see them and was like "ohhh, pretty shiny cans of lacroix!" ... yes, it's true.

So guess what? It looks like I'm going to attempt a spending freeze for the next week ... perfect for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, right? OH, and I think we will have the newly minted son in law for a few nights as he may need to shack up here for 2 days while he works a job in Miami ... wheee!

How are YOU holding up on your grocery budget?


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