Grocery Cart Sundays

It's been a while since I've shared a Grocery Cart Sunday breakdown ... partly because I haven't been shopping that much and partly because I've been BUSY ... but since this last week was a spectacular (NOT) week, I figured, I had time so why not type it all up ...

Pictures? Uhm, sure there are a few here!

So. It all started on Sunday. EASTER Sunday, I might add.  I was home. Alone. And just felt like crap. Migraine headache (as in, toss my cookies when I got up out of bed first thing that morning and there was NO booze for 36 hours prior to this!) and weak and just ick.  I cancelled my plan to go over to some friends for dinner as Hubby was out of town, Princess was working and the Boy was with his girlfriend.

All I wanted was some food to have for that night and the week ahead. I just had a bad feeling, that's all ...

So off I went ...

Trader Joe's

They were open on Easter!

2 pkgs of frozen waffles (one GF and one blueberry) $1.99 each
4 pk box of frozen Chicken Chili Lime burgers $3.49 (uhm, I've heard good reviews, have not tried yet)
2 bags of veggie stir fried rice $2.29
bag of frozen mango chunks $2.99
bag of roasted plantain chips $1.69 (oh so much better than the sweet chips, now I know!)
large bottle of olive oil $7.9
bag of frozen chicken breast $6.99
32 oz bottle of pure cranberry juice $2.99
clarified butter $3.99
red thai curry sauce $2.99
pkg of black forest ham $3.49
frozen asparagus spears $3.99
2 red peppers $69 cents each
pkg of pepperoni $3.29
bag of coleslaw mix $1.59
bag of shredded carrots $1.59
pkg of green beans $2.69
2 bags of salad mix $1,99 (and I just noticed she only charged me for one)
2 pkgs of sliced mushrooms $1.99 each

Grand total $72.05 ahem. I ate the plaintain chips, green beans, 1 pkg of mushrooms, the ham, salad and some of the juice :-(

Then Thursday night, I swung by:


2 pkgs of blackberries 89 cents each
pkg of green beans $2.29
bag of mini sweet peppers $2.89
3 pk zucchini $1.99
2 pks of boston lettuce $1.69 each
celery $1.39
6 pk AAA batteries $1.99

Grand total $15.83. Have not eaten a single thing.

Then along came Saturday, *God Bless Saturday*  (bonus point if you can name who sings that BEFORE you click on the link!) I was going to see my dad ...


How could I resist?  It's not a new store, but they just did a major addition to the store and made it a SUPER WALMART .... I always get sucked in there AND I need to remember to scan the receipt for the Savings Catcher ... there was a TON of marked down meat and well, I'm low but again, I probably over did it yet again. Ready?

3 8pks of LaCroix $3.18 each
24 pk of spring water $3.98
23 count Tide pods $8.97
2 pkgs of Nutella to Go which now I can't find? $1.00 each
12 pk toilet paper $11.97
Tenderloin, marked down to $6.47
Tenderloin, marked down to $7.64
6 small bottles of OJ $1.38 each
Apple Cider Vinegar $5.98
Strip Steak, marked down to $10.76
Boneless Chicken Thighs, marked down to $6.20
Boneless Chicken Thighs, marked down to $5.50
B/S chicken breast, marked down to $6.93
Bottom Round Roast, marked down to $10.78
Tenderloin, marked down to $5.53
Tenderloin, marked down to $6.59
2 Almond Coffee Cream $1.98 each (dairy free)
Boneless Chicken Thighs, marked down to $6.16
2.25 93/7 ground beef, marked down to $4.98
3 pkgs of meatballs, each marked down to $3.49
2 pkgs of fresh italian bread, marked down to 50 cents each
bag of coleslaw $1.86
2 avocados 98 cents each
3 cucumbers 68 cents each
2 bags of cutie oranges $4.67 each
pkg of pineapple chunks $2.48
bag of potatoes $2.97
2 pkgs of cookies $4.48 each
pkg of Austin Grilled Cheese crackers $1.98

Grand total $175.95. Really.

Obviously, I have a LOT of food prep to do Sunday so I don't let any of this stuff go to waste.

How about you ... how's your grocery shopping going for the year so far??

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties ... go check them out!

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