Grocery Cart Sundays

I don't know why, but I love to read what other bloggers are buying at the grocery store.

Yeah. I guess you could say I'm obsessed with food ... but I 'think' I have a healthy relationship with it ;-)

So, with that said, I thought, what the heck, I'll try to share my weekly grocery trips ... and if everything is going according to plan, you would even get a picture or two ... but of course, things don't always go as planned ... so a picture or two may, or may not, be included!

A bonus for me to share weekly is to keep my grocery budget in check (hopefully!) *My goal for 2016 is $100 per person, per month. That's $300.00 a month, based on my household right now.  That is strictly food, not paper or cleaning products or cat stuff. I need to figure out how to add in the additional visitors, friends, family members that frequently come for dinner and happy hours ... but that is my intended upcoming budget! Oh ... and currently, I am doing a Whole30 to boot in January!

I should be more motivated now that Hubby is not working ... 

So, this past week had 3 trips to various grocery stores ... 

Tuesday - Trader Joe's for the elusive riced cauliflower. At this point, I'll take a head of cauliflower and rice it myself ... but even that's hard to come by!

bottle of wine (table wine) for tasting purposes $4.99
8 oz pkg of jalapeno peppers $1.69
bag of sugar $3.49
2 12 pks of kcup coffees $4.99 each (hubby likes these and it's a heck of a lot cheaper!)
2 lbs sweet taters $1.59
bag of grated carrots $1.59
3 pk romaine hearts $2.49
bag of spring mix $1.99
bag of radishes 99 cents
dozen eggs $2.79

Total spent $31.99 (!!)

Then off to Publix on Wednesday

pot of cilantro $3.99
pot of parsley $3.99
little less than 1 pound of plum tomatoes $2.50 

Total spent $10.49

Then ... Saturday, the Boy and I ran to Aldi ... 

3 dozen eggs $1.59 each dozen
2 pkgs of sugar free bacon $3.89 each
ice cream bars $2.49 (the Boy)
gallon of milk $3.19
2 mangos 55 cents each
2 boxes of tissues $1.09 each (not food)
spaghetti squash $2.19 (pressure cooker experiment coming up!)
2 head iceberg lettuce $1.29 each
4 pkgs of 93/7 ground beef $5 each (I'm am OUT of ground beef!)
boston lettuce $1.69
2 bags of frozen strawberries $2.09 each (Boy)
2 pks of organic spring mix $2.49 each
8 oz bottle of POM juice $2.49
3 cucumbers 49 cents each
bag of limes 99 cents
tortillas $1.19 (Boy)
bag of mini sweet peppers $2.89
2 pkgs of asparagus $2.99 each
2 pkgs of sliced cheese $1.99 each (Boy)
2 cans corned beef hash :gag: $1.99 each
2 Nonfat Greek yogurt $3.69 each (Boy)
Honey (Boy)
2 pkgs of bananas 77 cents and 66 cents each (29 cents per pound)
loaf of bread $1.39 (Boy)

Total spent $97.13 ($2.18 of this was paper products)

Grand total for the week $137.43.  Hmmm ... I am almost half through my budget for the month already! 

Honestly, I'm surprised at how fast the groceries added up at Trader Joe's and Aldi! :-( I need to be a little more mindful of just what I'm putting in my cart!

How did your grocery shopping go this week?


  1. Some suggestions: can you grate your own carrots? buy a refillable K cup gizmo and fill it w/ coffee? $5 just for a lb of beef (I assume that's per meal) equals a pricier meal: can you use 1/2 a lb and stretch it with lentils/beans or substitute an alternative such as grnd turkey(fzn tubes @ Aldi's sell for $1.89/lb here)

    1. Thanks for your suggestions! I was just bemoaning the fact that things add up in the grocery cart if you don't pay attention :-) I DO have one of those kcup gizmos (2 in fact) and probably should dig them out to use for every other cup I have in the morning. Thanks for reminding me of that!

  2. I haven't been grocery shopping yet today (4 degrees out there this a.m. wasn't super motivating!) but I also like to see what other people buy at the store. I'm lucky/unlucky that Trader Joe's isn't convenient to me or I'm sure I'd blow my grocery budget every single week with all their great stuff :)


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