Grocery Cart Sunday

This past week had FOUR stops! Certainly made up for last week, I guess. BUT I’m thinking, I’m missing a stop somewhere, maybe from the previous week, where I picked up cauliflower, broccoli, etc. from Aldi … but I can’t find my receipt nor do I see it on any of my other posts … so I’m going to throw a rough from memory number out here! I mean heck, I even had a picture from the 18th WHICH was that Monday ... 

The Pantry / Freezer Challenge is coming along pretty well … the freezer is actually viewable and you can see what’s in there. The main kitchen is also coming along. I need to work on the guest kitchen freezer and get it cleaned up and organized. It’s just a jumbled mess right now, but Hubby is doing a great job in using what we have without going over board (he has a tendency to feed an army, not just the 2 or 3 of us) …

So, here’s where we shopped this week:

One day, not too long ago, Aldi (Monday, the 18th, from the picture date)… picked up a bunch of veggies and spent about $30 … no clue where receipt went as I think it was when I was sick L

Roma Tomatoes x 3 pkgs 
4 pkgs of green beans
2 heads broccoli
2 heads cauliflower
bag of onions
2 3pk of garlic
7 avocados at 39 cents each!!
cheese slices
2 dozen eggs
gallon of milk
and a few other things ... I really need to find that receipt!

Monday – Super Walmart … I had to go see my dad and he needed a few things so I picked up one thing for us while there:

Loaf of butter bread $2.50

Total spent: $2.50 (really, my dad’s portion was $70 and I need to remember to cut a check back to myself!

Wednesday – Trader Joe’s … that elusive riced cauliflower was found, one bag! And I finally gave in and bought more coffee pods. We were filling up our little kcup thingy but it was annoying. We did use it for 4 to 5 days so yeah, we sucked it up a little ;-)

2 12 pks coffee cups $4.99 each
2 bags frozen strawberries $1.99 each (I think these were cheaper than Aldi, need to check)
1 lonely bag of riced cauliflower $1.99

Total Spent $15.95.

Then, Friday, Stiles Farmer’s Market. My dad was taken to the ER that morning for non-responsive low blood sugar. The exact opposite of his normal problem, which is uncontrollable high blood sugar. So off he went … it was 9:15 and everyone realized that the early bird to breakfast was not there yet so they went to check on him and found him slumped over and not responding. Great! (it’s ok, he came home late Saturday night – 7pm!) … so I wanted to make a Nom Nom Paleo Pressure Cooker meal over the weekend and all I needed was leeks!

1 bunch of leeks $3.49

Total Spent $3.49. That was sort of expensive!

And then Saturday (on way to pick up my dad from hospital) I stopped at Aldi’s which was right there by the hospital:

3 pkgs of button mushrooms $1.29 each (can’t wait for them to get back to 79 cents each)
4 pk tissues $2.99
3 cucumbers .49 each

Total Spent $8.51.

Not a bad week AT ALL! Grand total for week $60.45! Yes!  So that brings my monthly total to $235 out of a $300 budget for the month … I’m so stinking excited to be able to stay within this month! Just one more week and I think I can do it!

*Note: Hubby has been the one in charge of buying the beer, and that’s not part of my budget anyways since I said I was going to try to stop drinking beer … yeah, the Whole30 kind of went out the window, although I will say I’m eating Whole30’ish 80% of the time if not more. Just difficult to do when someone else is cooking the majority of the dinners (Hubby has really taken over the kitchen lately!

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