Grocery Cart Sundays

I don't know why, but I love to read what other bloggers are buying at the grocery store.

Yeah. I guess you could say I'm obsessed with food ... but I 'think' I have a healthy relationship with it ;-)

So, with that said, I thought, what the heck, I'll try to share my weekly grocery trips ... and if everything is going according to plan, you would even get a picture or two ... but of course, things don't always go as planned ... and again, this was one of those weeks with NO pictures :-(

A bonus for me to share weekly is to keep my grocery budget in check (hopefully!)

So ... has anyone out there been missing my Weekly Menu Plan? I am still planning, just haven't been sharing as it's pretty darn busy around here lately.  You know, work, home, family, life ... sometimes those things have to take a priority over blogging. PLUS I haven't had time :(  BUT I'm working on fixing that problem! Honestly!

This past week was fairly decent as far as the budget goes ... helps that I remember that property taxes are coming up on the 30th (a nice chunk of change will be put out) and then Hubby's birthday was Saturday which I took the easy way out and booked a reservation for four at Texas de Brazil ... not the "best" place to go but close to home, cheap Uber ride and everyone could get what they wanted. PLUS we know a waiter there so we might have gotten a little bit more attention than others.  

Can I tell you something? Thanksgiving is in, like, FOUR days and I don't have a turkey, potatoes or anything except a few random things that don't quite make the meal. Oops.  We buddy up with another couple and rotate who's house is the host and this year we said we would as we have the kids and their *new* significant other (Princess), plus Hubby is going to invite a young (very pregnant) couple over along with another younger kid who is new in town with no family locally ... it will be fun. BUT I think I need to get some shopping out of the way ... and again, probably NO menu plan to be posted as I need to get the refrigerators cleared out!!

One shop this week. ONE. That's it! And really, it was for CAT FOOD only. But of course,I started wandering the aisles, it was 7:30pm, I hadn't eaten since 8:30 that morning and I was starving ... you know how this story ends, right?

Publix, I have a love/hate relationship with you lately:

2 plus pounds of fried chicken tenders from the deli $17.87. This was dinner
2 8 oz pkgs of shredded mozzarella cheese $5 less 55 cents
2 8 oz pkgs of shredded cheddar cheese $5 less 55 cents
10 (yes TEN) 8 oz pkgs of KerryGold stick butter $2 each ($20 total) ... I freeze these and it will last me til next Fall IF I don't start making Ghee myself ;-)
Bag of cat food $13.59

Grand total $62.25 ... even though the receipt said I saved $23.76 ... whatever. 

I've got a grocery list running for the week ahead: bread, dinner rolls, potatoes, turkeys (yes more than one, we fry), salad stuff, eggs (for deviled eggs), celery, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower (for the veggie platter), something sweet (maybe?) OJ (for the mimosas), and so on. I bet, around $200 worth of stuff at the end of the day. AND I was thinking of doing Costco but then said NO ... we head to Indiana in 2 1/2 weeks for a quick 5 day trip so I need to keep the food situation under control ;-)

Are YOU ready for Thanksgiving??


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