Grocery Cart Sundays

I don't know why, but I love to read what other bloggers are buying at the grocery store.

Yeah. I guess you could say I'm obsessed with food ... but I 'think' I have a healthy relationship with it ;-)

So, with that said, I thought, what the heck, I'll try to share my weekly grocery trips ... and if everything is going according to plan, you would even get a picture or two ... but of course, things don't always go as planned ... and again, this was one of those weeks with NO pictures :-(

A bonus for me to share weekly is to keep my grocery budget in check (hopefully!)

So. I did a stop at Publix Friday after work and spent $88.03 and THEN at the last minute later that evening, the Boy and I hit up Winn Dixie ... and spent $63.49. Oh. Then Sunday we had the now ex-boyfriend over for breakfast and I promised turkey bacon ... didn't have any stashed in the freezer so had to make ANOTHER run to Winn Dixie and hit the motherload of marked down meat ... $89.51 BUT there was like $40 in coupons on the meat ... Nothing like ending the month on a high note, and going in to a new month on the same note!

Here's what I bought ... check back later for the Menu Plan to see how I plan to use some of the this food ... 

Publix was bad in that I bought stuff that was NOT on my list and then forgot a few things as well ... crumb

2 bottles of Dole pineapple juice $2.00 each and an additional $1 off each bottle
4 bottles of Bolthouse Farms Protein drinks (Hubby and Boy) B1G1F so $2.99 for 2 bottles
2 containers sour cream B1G1F $2.49 for both
gallon of 2% milk $3.45
cilantro $.99 
4 bags of Greenline Green Beans B1G1F $2.99 for 2 bags
2 pkgs of salami $4.49 each
deli dressing (sub dressing) $3.29
2 bags of turkey meatballs B1G1F $4.99 for 2 
2 bags of italian meatballs B1G1F $4.99 for 2
bag of cat food $7.99
12 pk of shocktop beer $13.89
2 6 pks of Oculto beer B1G1F $10.29 for both
bag of pretzel rods $2.50
bag of blue corn chips $2.99
bag of yellow tortilla chips $1.99
bag of sweet potato chips $2.99
bananas $2.06
loaf of butterbread $3.25
Used a $5 coupon and that brought the total to $88.03. Oops.  Too much beer and NOT a fan of the Oculto (my taste buds must have changed while on the Whole30 for those few weeks!)

Then ... the Boy and I decided to run down the street to watch the Halloween contest but figured we needed to eat first ... so off we went to Winn Dixie!

pkg of crackers $2.65
wings $5.16
wings $4.80
wings $4.79
(sorry, all 3 different flavors and I kept them separate this time! really should have just made them)
tub of Aloqette cheese (jalapeno flavored at the Boys request) $4.99 (sad, I can make his too)
Party tray of cheese slices (which I HAVE cheese I could have made this!) $7.49
loaf of french bread $1.99
6 pk of Halloween cupcakes $3.00
2 12 pks of Redds Wicked Wild Cherry beer (uhm, hello ... sweet and yummy) $14.49 for 2 (B1G1F)
9 pk of Coors lite $11.50

Grand total $63.49. Ugh. 

Then Sunday, what should have been a $10 stop, at the most:

2 pks of english muffins $4.29 for both
2 smallish beef briskets $18.40 and $14.12 each plus the $5 or $8 off coupons (crockpot plans)
beef loin $10.62 plus the $4 off coupon
boneless ribeyes $9.78plus the coupon (can't remember)
ground pork $4.97 and $2 off (making sausage this week, hopefully)
ground pork $5.34 and $2 off
2 pkgs of thin cut boneless chicken breast $7.19 plus $3 off and $6.16 plus $3 off (cooked one already for lunch protein)
2 pkgs of chicken burgers $4.99 each less $2 each
4 pks of ground chicken $3.99 each less $1.50 each (i see lettuce wraps coming!)
2 turkey bacons $2.99 each
dozen eggs $4.49 (good grief)
bag of clementines $5.95
2 bottles of almond milk (the better stuff) $3 each (I was so excited, this has been running $5.99 each)
orange juice $4.49

Grand total $89.51 ... starting off the month on a good foot ... IF you remember I just got a bunch of protein ... I am thankful for a new month and guess what ... I'm going to try doing Whole30 again ... felt like crap the past few weekends from b e e r ... I know that's bad for me ;-)

How's your grocery budget coming along?


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