Long Awaited Costco Trip

I had a funky day at work today (Tuesday) ... I was just tired and didn't have any ambition or motivation to go the extra mile which is TOTALLY not me! I felt bad about it and even told my boss that "geesh, I'm sorry for being such a deadbeat employee today" ... I'm wondering if it's the lack of coffee AND the Whole30 thing going on ... then again, it could just be because I'm tired of the job ... not the people I work for, but the job and industry itself. Thanks to Dodd Frank, the whole entire lending industry is going to be topsy-turvy and if I have to hear, one more time "well, we just don't know what the lenders are going to expect from us" I'm going to scream. I think maybe its partly that: not knowing what to expect with these changes coming next week ... I'm good at what I do, but it's taken me almost 15 years to be an expert ;-)

Anyway.  Enough whining, right? Thanks for pretending you cared and sympathize :-)

So. Told the boss, I'm leaving 15 minutes early today to beat the downtown traffic so I can hit up Costco. That didn't happen ... it was raining, like really hard. Then I just said maybe that's what I needed, focused driving, peacefully, without anyone expecting anything from me. Told you I was in a funk!

I had a grocery list, and I also laid out about how much the trip should cost, including the renewal fee of $110 (!!) ... and I stayed within that amount. Of course, a few things were NOT picked up (chicken thighs, spinach, salad blend, paper towels, a few other things) but that's ok as I think I'm going back next week to pick up a few other things for my dad as well ...

Stock looks low already! 

So here's what I got:

2 dozen organic eggs $6.99
2 pack green pans $39.99 less $6 (I need these as I've got 2 skillets that are going out the door in the morning because they've been sticking really bad lately)
bag of limes $5.79
5 pk baby romaine heads $4.49
large container sea salt $2.79
2 Asian Salad bags mixes $4.99 each (will toss the dressing and make my own)
2 pkgs of bananas $1.39 each (which are almost gone already!)
bag of lemons $7.99
large bag of sweet potatoes (10 lbs?) $7.99 (lots of sweet potato recipes coming soon!)
large container of Dawn dish soap $9.69
large bottle of olive oil $11.99
6 pk of toothpaste $9.99 (Kirkland brand)
bath soap bars $9.99 (not sure how many there are, too lazy to go see - Kirkland brand)
6 pk cartons of egg whites $9.59 (the Boy uses in smoothies, Hubby makes omelets and I have a recipe that uses only egg whites and I hate to waste a yolk)
large bottle of avocado oil $8.69 ... at last, they have it here!!! Oh Happy Days! The display was about 50% gone so I'm guessing this is going to be a good item for them (see above!)
5 pk of spray starch for ironing $3.99 (dirt cheap as a bottle in the store cost this much!)
TP $21.99 less $5 (cheaper than the Kirkland brand)
frozen turkey burgers $10.99. 4 pounds. Now I just need to convince Hubby ;-)
6 pk of avocados $5.49
3 pk of Aidelle Chicken/Apple Sausage $13.99
2 pounds of pulled pork $9.99 (I'm on the fence about this, I make it myself most times, but I think for the next 28 days, it's best to have readily accessible protein)
Membership renewal $110

Grand total $319.91.  It could have been way worse. They have re-organized the store and half the stuff is moved to a different location which means I see so many more things!  Like the PANS! That was not on my list!! But they are needed and the price is fairly decent.

Oh, on my way out, I asked the guy at the membership/return desk if I could return something from 8 months ago or so that I only used a few times and now it doesn't work (the fabric steamer thingy) he said yes ... so I got a cash card back for $29.99 ;-) That offsets the pans a little!


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