Grocery Cart Sundays

I don't know why, but I love to read what other bloggers are buying at the grocery store.

Yeah. I guess you could say I'm obsessed with food ... but I 'think' I have a healthy relationship with it ;-)

So, with that said, I thought, what the heck, I'll try to share my weekly grocery trips ... and if everything is going according to plan, you would even get a picture or two ... but of course, things don't always go as planned ... so no picture this week :-)

A bonus for me to share weekly is to keep my grocery budget in check (hopefully!)

Luckily, I only hit up the grocery store once this past week ... AND only spent $66.64 ... thank you Aldis!

Here's what I bought ... check back later for the Menu Plan to see how I plan to use some of the food ...

red wine vinegar $1.49
2 pkgs of taco seasoning $.39 each
bottle of chocolate syrup $1.49
2 paper bags $.06 each
2 plastic bags $.10 each (shame on me, I was not prepared with MY own bags, driving Hubby's car!)
whipped cream cheese $1.69
2 lbs brown sugar $1.29
2 containers organic spring mix $2.49 each
2 containers living Boston lettuce $1.69 each
1 container organic Arugula $2,49
4 8oz containers mushrooms $.79 each
bag of 8 jalapenos $.99
2 bags of mini sweet peppers $2.49 each
2 20 oz pkgs of zucchini $.99 each
2 bags of shredded hash browns $1.89 each
2 large pkgs of broccoli crowns $1.79 each
2 lb bag of carrots $1.29
2 pkgs of boneless/skinless chicken thighs $5.56 and $5.50  ($2.29 per pound)
2 large heads of cauliflower $1.99 each
8 pound spiral cut ham $16.63 less $8 (how I wish I had tons of freezer space!!)
2 pkgs of bagels $1.69 each
2 pkgs of english muffins $.99 each

Grand total was $66.64 ... I was so excited about the ham! I was doing a quick review in my head of what I could relocate in the freezers to make room but realized that would NOT be a good idea to do so ... I plan to freeze most of the ham in smaller bags since I have a tendency to eat a lot of ham :)

How was your grocery shopping trip(s) this week??


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