Review of Flexible Wire Skewers

A while ago, I ran across these at Bed Bath & Beyond and of course, I had to try them out. No, this is not a paid review or sponsored in any way. I am NO WHERE near that big or on any one's radar (but hey, feel free to send me free stuff to try, but I am brutally honest!)


Now that we have that out of the way ... here's what I think.

These cost a mere $9.99. Of course, I used my 20% off coupon which made them a magical number of $7.99 ;-) ahem, a quick look at Amazon shows me they have them at $7.19 IF you are a Prime Member! *yes, THAT is an affiliate link!*

I wasn't really SURE what to expect when I opened the package.  Certainly not this:

They reminded me of cable wires ... like what we have on the boat lift. Hmmm...

The cool thing was the tabs on the end, although, in the end, I did not use them the way the instructions told me to ;-)

So, I had all these peppers that were going down hill fast and I wanted to grill them babies up ... my original plan was to make chicken, pepper and onion kaboobs ... but ...

I was too lazy and didn't feel like cutting up all the chicken too ...

So, instead, I only cut up the peppers and sweet onions and threaded them on the skewers.

I really liked the feel when I was threading the veggies on ... the tips are sharp but not dangerously so and they are nice and smooth. Once it got to the cable area, even better as the tips are a tad larger so the food threads on really easy!

I drizzled a little olive oil and salt and pepper and then tossed them on the grill. Let them cook a little and grab the loop end with tongs and just move around.  *Ok, so here's where you are supposed to let the loop ends and tabs hang off on the outside of the grill so the tabs are "cool to touch" and such, but heck, I just wanted to grill and eat, not mess with strategic handling of the skewers!

These got a nice little char on the edge but not over cooked ... dare I say, borderline perfect?

Pulling the veggies off the skewers was super easy too! Just hold the loop end up in the air and push the veggies off the open end! Yes!

I chopped up the chicken, tossed with the veggies on a platter and dished up. I opted to drizzle mine with some dairy free, grain free ranch dressing and garnished with some fresh parsley since I finally had some!

Would I buy these again? For $7.99, or even better, $7.19, yes! There is a LOT of space for food and you don't have that flimsy falling off the end of the skewer issue since the cable and the tip are a good size.

What do you think? Would YOU buy them?

Looking forward to sharing my review and simple recipe at some of these great parties!


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