Breaking the Pantry/Freezer Challenge - Costco Trip!

Yes, I suppose it's best to say that the Pantry / Freezer Challenge is O V E R ... as much as I hate to say it ...

We did clean out a lot from the Pantry ... and quite a bit from the Freezer ... although Hubby would disagree ... and the money NOT spent on food this past month has helped me assist my sister who was in a bad place and hopefully, my boost of cash in her direction has gotten her on steady ground where she will feel confident to continue forward (just a side note, I'm well aware of what it feels like to have NO money and NO where to turn ... I've been dirt poor and I've been well off ... and I will never let someone who means a lot to me be dirt poor, if I can help them alleviate some of the stress, financially, I will)

So. I took a day off in the middle of the week. Hubby and I were originally going to do a boating day mid-week ... but then he got swamped, we found out it was mini-lobster season and well, I said NO I'm not giving up my day off. So, I made a hair appointment (!NOT frugal at all!) and went to Costco .. wheeeee!  It was one expensive day and I asked my boss (not so) jokingly if he offered overtime pay ;-)

A few things on my list were NOT bought due to price or various other reasons ... but I still spent more than I wanted to. Also, we still do NOT have Avocado oil ... my Costco person had no idea that any other Costco outside Canada had it ... told him to go look on Instagram!

So, no avocado oil was bought, but here's what I DID buy:

TP $15.99
Dawn dish soap $9.69
6 pack cartons egg whites $9.59 (for Hubby who thinks the yolk irrate him AND a test drive on something I'm making)
4 pack of Wholly Guacamole $11.69 less $2 (sadly, I have a LOT in the freezer already)
2 gallons of 2% milk $2.89 each
35 count bottles Zephyerhills water $4,39 (back to boating season and my reusable water bottles are sufficient for a long day out)
twin a\pack Oat Square cereal $7.39 (Boy and Hubby)
boneless pork chops $13.42 (they were like $2.39 a pound!)
150 or so paper plates $13.59 (again, summer, boating, lots of outdoor entertaining)
Tall oscillating fan $39.99 (for Hubby/garage/patio/mosquito control)
paper towels $15.79
54 count Dunkin Donuts Kcup $33.99 (this was to appease Hubby after the shopping trip)
2 pk grey poupon $6.99
36 count (I think) fig bars $10.99 (kids and Hubby, whole wheat, Non GMO, blah blah blah)
huge bag of organic toritilla chips $4,99
large bag of Boom Chicka Popcorn $4.99 less $1.50
twin pack of large baking sheets $10.99 (total impulse buy but have used both already tonight!)
3 pk mouth wash $7.59
5 pk artisan romaine lettuce $4.49
3 pk of deodorant $16.99 (usually $8 a pkg)
15 pk of greek flavored yogurt $13.99 less $4
2 pkgs 2 pounds french green beans $4.79 each
large package of spirng mix salad $4.49
Better than Beef bouillon $6.39 (they don't carry the cartons any longer??)
3 dozen xtra large eggs $6.99
2 quarts half and half $1.89 each
pkg of cooked bacon $10.49 (drats, the price went up again)
twin pk of greek yogurt $6.99
3 pk of Aidelle Chicken sausage $13.99
bag of chocolate covered fruits (blueberries, cranberries, cherries) $9.69 (impulse)
grilled chicken ravioli $9.79 less $2.50 coupon
String cheese $8.29 (hey, the price went DOWN!)
Trail mix $12.99
5 pk of avocados $4.89
2 3 lb bags of broccoli florets $5.49 (price is creeping up)
twin pack of sliced mozzarella $7.49
4 pounds of organic ground beef $21.99
bag of lemons $7.79 (yeah. Been without lemons for about 2 weeks!)

Grand total? Way more than I wanted ... $419.11

Oh. Then I stopped in the liquor store to buy some tequila and Cointreau ... only bought the Cointreau at $24.99...figured I have plenty of tequila and no need to spent $35 this day ...

Have you been to Costco lately??

* that side note up there? I think my point I was trying to make without bringing the whole story to light is that IF I know someone is hurting and will keep hurting because they can't see HOW to dig out of the hole they are in, I will help ... it's what I do because I'm able to and I want to.  I know how much money it cost to move in to an apartment and that's a horrible feeling when you only have a few dollars in your pocket and your payday is still a week away. The KEY is to remember, it's NOT a loan and never expect repayment. If you do get any repayment, yeah! But if you don't, it was given as a gift to help you get in a better place  *


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