Week 25 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

Now that Hubby has officially joined the ranks of unemployment, I'm trying really hard not to spend frivolously on food ... yeah, it's so much easier said than done ...

Regardless, all that matters is that I at least TRY, right? And try I will ...

So ...with Father's day come and gone, I think I have a few weeks to really, REALLY concentrate and get the freezers organized. If nothing else, Hubby will be grabbing stuff out to cook and consume ... although, his eyes are WAAAAY bigger than our tummies combined ... need to work on that just a bit :-)

Here's what we are planning ...

Sunday - Father's Day ... Hubby decided he wanted skin and bone chicken ... good grief. Of all things, I don't have that ... so I stopped at the store, picked up some thighs, super sweet corn, wedge salad

Monday -  chef salads all around ... Sonny Boy made pizza too (freezer) and we all had a slice of that to go along with the massive salads

Tuesday - ranch pork chops (freezer) in the crock pot ... mashed taters on the side if desired (fridge) (AND recipe coming this week!)

Wednesday - Cobb Salad

Thursday - leftovers

Friday - Burgers and fries (beef in freezer, fries in freezer) ... need to buy buns

Saturday - snapper (freezer) with broccoli (freezer) ... we had snapper at the cooking class for my birthday ... it was DELICIOUS so I want to give it a try!

I'm in dire need of a mental vacation. Told Hubby to pick a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for me to take off with him to Key West ... our friends own a condo down there and it shouldn't be too busy now ... we could pack ALL our food and just keep the drinking expense low ... :-) sounds like a great plan but I don't know!

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