Costco Time!

Hubby was informed Friday morning that he was part of the restructuring plan and let go from his job that day. We suspected it would be happening sooner than later, and actually, I think he was TIRED of the waiting game. When one company buys out another, the one being taken over are generally the losers in duplicate positions.  So ... he will be home for a little while taking care of things around the house, getting the boat project started and finished, and hopefully, a small trip north to see his dad for a week or so, alone.

Worried? Not really. He's a pretty resourceful guy AND I have the utmost confidence that something with a perfect fit will come along. Hoping it won't take 18 months like the last time and really hoping something comes by the end of the year ... but we will have to wait and see.

So with that, I felt compelled to make the trip to Costco ... we needed a few things that I only buy from there, plus, he will be home and cooking so why not? :-)

Here's what we got a for a pretty penny ....

Large pack of paper towel $19.99 less $3
TP $14.99
10 lbs of Oats (for the Boy) $7.89
80 count Keurig coffee $37.99 less $5
3 dozen xlarge eggs x 2 $3.99 each
3 lb bananas x 2 $1.39 each
6 lb protein (chocolate) $48.99
6 lb protein (vanilla) $48.99 (umm, this stuff got expensive!)
24 pack protein bars $11.99
14 pk razors $27.99 (sorry, can't do the cheap ones!)
24 pk granola bars (for my dad) $12.79
Aloha teriyaki glaze $7.99 (suck hate to try them!)
large bottle olive oil $11.99
3 lb frozen mahi mahi x 2 $16.99 each
3 pk (20 oz each) ham lunchmeat $8.99 less $2
cooked bacon $12.39
6 pk romaine lettuce $3.99
2 lbs 31/40 shrimp x 2 $13.99 each
2 lbs red snapper x 2 $19.99 each (this really was a splurge, I know)
2 gallons of milk $3.39 each
half and half $1.85
organic peanut butter (the Boy) $7.59
bag of frozen mixed berries $11.89
fresh blueberries $6.99
fresh brocolli florets $4.99
celery sticks $4.49
coastal cheddar $6.99
bag of limes $4.59
bag of lemons $7.99
8 pk of LARGE hoagie rolls $4.99
4 lbs or so of organic ground beef $16.99
10 lb bag of organic carrots $7.99
5 lbs beefsteak tomatoes $6.79
strawberries $6.99
organic spinach $4.99

That's a lot of stuff and pretty pricey ... grand total was $497.34. I know ...

As I type this I am crunching on the celery and carrots with almond butter ... need to really up my veggie intake ... and my most exciting purchase of the day:

ARTISAN BABY ROMAINE LETTUCE ... I'm so excited as I've been wanting to buy some of these before but have only seen them at Whole Foods for a nice chunk of change ... I will be using these for the Lettuce Wedge salads this week, and since I didn't get around to the Chicken Lettuce Wraps, I will try the leaves for that too ... whee ... sounds so yummy!

And just so you know, the celery and carrots with almond butter, very yummy and oddly satisfying!

Been to Costco lately?


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