Whole Foods Score

I stopped to pick up some cilantro and mint and browse all the pretty, picture perfect produce ... ended up picking up one cubano pepper, 5 pablano peppers (for my stuffed peppers coming soon!), and then wandered to the meat department as they had the 85/15 ground beef for $3.99, grabbed 2 lbs.

Then, I looked at the fresh packed chiller ... which I never do as that stuff is EXPENSIVE ... and spotted boneless, skinless chicken thighs. 

I save my purchase of same for Costco, I can never find it cheap elsewhere.

WRONG. Tonight, Whole Foods had the vacuum packed stuff for $1.69 a pound. Really.

So I scooped up 6 packages (about 18 lbs worth?).  And spent a total of $61 after tax and all (oh, yeah, a quick stop at the salad bar to grab some romaine lettuce) ... 

So, I get home and notice that the packages had all been relabeled.

They are labeled as WHOLE CHICKEN. Not boneless skinless chicken thighs.

Out of curiosity, I peeled off the label for the old price.

$3.79 per pound.

Yup. That's more like the Whole Food pricing. I'm wondering what happened and why someone re-priced them? Sell by date is March 5 so that was fine too.

My point is, pay attention and do look at the pricing. I just got so dang excited :)

Yup, I have lots of chicken again. Believe I will be whipping a dish or two up in the crock pot very soon :)

Happy Shopping and keep your eyes open!


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