A Simple Wedge Salad

We went to a really nice seafood restaurant for my birthday dinner back in May so we could watch the moon (it was the night of the SUPER MOON) ... the restaurant sits on the Atlantic ocean and it was a gorgeous night. Hubby won many points that evening :)

Anyways. We had the seafood tower. And a few drinks. And I just wanted something 'simple and light'. Enter: Wedge Salad with Crumbled Bacon and Ranch Dressing.

Yes, I actually PAID money for it. Granted, it was applewood thick sliced bacon. And the ranch dressing certainly was NOT from a bottle. And where they found the beautiful head of iceberg lettuce is beyond me. It was good.

Good enough that I'm actually making it for a light, summer dinner....that's pretty good.

Head of Iceberg lettuce. One of the few times I will tell you to use this. It's very hard to find a good head to nowadays. Whats up with that?
Bacon, 1/4 lb or so, cooked til crisp and crumbled
Ranch dressing. Do yourself a favor and make some. I used this recipe as the base, and modified as shown below.

Rinse the whole head of lettuce. Drain excess water. (I put mine on top of a glass over the sink for about 10 minutes). Once drained, cut in half and then quarter, keeping the leaves intact. Cut core off (just cut at an angle)
Why YES, that is the view outside my kitchen window (see them Palm Trees?)

Put intact quarters on plate or strainer and chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

Make dressing at this time as it really needs to sit for an hour. If you are REALLY on top of your game, you would have done that this morning, before you left for work :)

Once chilled, place each quarter on a plate, layered side facing up (so the dressing will seep in between the leaves).

Drizzle generously with the ranch dressing

Garnish (generously) with bacon bits.

Serve up and enjoy!

*Ranch Dressing*

1 cup of greek, plain yogurt
1 cup of milk (I actually used 3/4 cup, even less would be ideal to make it thicker)
1 packet of Ranch Dressing. This needs to be the DRESSING, not the DIP and I used Aldi's brand.

Add yogurt, powder and 1/2 cup milk to jar. Shake like crazy. Test the consistency. Add milk a little at time til you have the mix the way you want.

Chill in fridge for hour or more.

A little thinner than I wanted it

Serve and enjoy!

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  1. OMG! Seawatch is my favorite restaurant to have my birthday/celebration/holiday dinner at. That must've been so beautiful seeing that moon that nite there. GORGEOUS. My favorite, (besides the fact that we used to walk there from our condo that we now have up for sale.) Hope you had a great dinner.

    1. I know :) I hadn't been there in probably 10 years? For a while there, they were talking about closing it down and making way for yet ANOTHER condo ... I'm so glad they didn't :) It really was enjoyable ... You should go take a walk down memory lane and hop in ... I don't think it's changed much over the years :)

  2. Mmm! Looks yummy!
    Thanks for linking up with my Super Link Party!

  3. My mom and dad are always going on about a wedge salad from a restaurant near their house. I never could understand why they would get so excited. I mean, iceburg lettuce? But then I tried it and knew. I like that you make your dressing with yogurt.

    1. I KNOW ... the iceberg lettuce is just so blah under normal circumstances! Definately shines here though!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Wow, I usually avoid iceberg lettuce too, but that looks delicious. And SO easy! Thanks for sharing at Thrifty Thursday!

  6. The wedge is my absolute favorite side salad. I'm drooling over here. Your blog is quickly becoming one of my new favorite places to find recipes. A big a fat thumbs up for the Jack Daniel's glass. Between the salad and the glass, I think it's about high time we became friends. :)

    Your recipe has been featured at Wednesday Whatsits. Thanks so much for sharing and for making me hungry!

  7. This salad looks really good, what a great lunch or dinner. Thanks for sharing at Showcase Your Talent Thursday!


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