Salads - Make Mine a Taco Salad

We eat A LOT of salads around here. Mostly for lunches and occasionally for dinner. Of course, a dinner salad, as a meal, needs a little more than just rabbit food.

So we do a variety of things, Cobb Salad, Steak Salad, Chicken Cesar Pasta and so on....there are just so many options to be had.

But another neat one that I like, which is especially good if you are trying to cut back on carbs and such is the good ole taco salad.

Yup. A large bowl of taco stuff. Sounds good to me!

1 lb ground beef (or be like me and use ground turkey or ground sure to use the LEAN stuff otherwise you get all kinds of icky stuff)
taco seasoning
shredded lettuce (or cut in to small pieces)
diced tomatoes (or just cheat and use fresh salsa)
diced onions
shredded cheddar cheese
sour cream
Guacamole or diced avocado (optional, rarely use myself)
Refried beans (optional, highly recommend!)

Cook the meat til cooked through and toss in your taco seasoning. I admit it, I'm a packet kind of girl even though I've got this cool recipe saved to give a try ... cook it up as directed.

Nowadays, I use a plate for myself, but only because the new plates have a little dip in them as opposed to the others that were FLAT ... but otherwise, I'd recommend you use a shallow type bowl.

Layer the refried beans, lettuce, meat, cheese and top with the tomatoes, onions and sour cream with the guac on the side if using.

Serve it up and enjoy!

NOTE: I made this for my dad the other night and he was sort of, kind of grumbling about NO SHELLS (he's a pretty bad diabetic and I've managed to keep his blood sugars in the range of 120 to 150 this past week as opposed to 220 to 250 normal) ... so I crushed up a few tortilla chips and sprinkled around the outer edges. I think he's craving carbs big time right now :D

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  1. Looking good. Thanks for sharing with simply Delish. Hope you come back to share more with us.

  2. Sounds good to me too. I should keep salads in mind for when it's too hot to cook this summer. Thanks for linking up at See Ya In the Gumbo.


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