Happy Hour Friday!

Ok, I'm NOT starting the New Year celebration just yet, but I'm ready!

A girlfriend of mine turned me on to these yummy shots one night when we got together to listen to a local band that we try to support (sob, those days are over come Sunday) ... and I'm shocked that they cost $7 to $10 a shot. One round is pretty much my drink budget for the night!

So I've asked bartenders over time how they make it and they ALL do it the same exact way. So while I was in the liquor store buying the bubbly stuff for tomorrow night, I took out my phone, cued up google and looked up the recipe (hey, much as I hate this modern technology, tie me to the phone stuff, this is COOL to be able to do!) and lo and behold, I'm set! (FYI - it's apparently so dang popular that Crown even has it their website!

Washington Apples ... oh yummm

1/3 crown royal
1/3 sour apple schnapps
1/3 cranberry juice
Splash of 7up if desired (I don't believe I've ever had that before?)

Mix the first 3 in a shaker over ice and shake, strain and serve in shots. This makes ONE shot so obviously, increase the amounts for a group. I hate to say it but this may take away the Lemon Drop Girl Power shots.

FYI - I've got one girl friend who orders her's with Jamison Whisky. Ummm, no thanks but if you prefer that try it!

Enjoy and drink responsibly!


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