Take 10 - Spice Cabinet

I have a spice cabinet. In the corner and it has 2 shelves that rotate around. Oh wait, is that a Lazy Susan? Ahhhh...

Anyways. It's a big corner cabinet and we are constantly moving stuff around in there trying to find the celery salt, or that BIG container of chili powder I bought not that long ago.

And sometimes, we come across things ... which is what prompts me to do today's Take 10 ... seasoning salt that has a use by date of ... are you ready? 02/01/1999.

Yes, 1999 ... just like that song. Uggg.

So here we go.

This is just the bottom shelf that is suppose to be for all the TALL containers. Notice some little guys back there? Those are the ones we lose.

I was getting a little ruthless ...

And I can't believe I'm throwing out ginger and curry ... ack! But alas, those were from 2005 and as they say, old spices loose their potency so let's see if I have to adjust my seasoning at all (yeah, I was using some of those!)

And then a mere 10 (ok, maybe 20) minutes later ... I had this:

Fairly organized and fresh spices ... go ahead, Take 10! Works for Me!


  1. Great inspriation - I need to do this!


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