Frugal - At Home Microdermabrasion

It’s Wednesday, and you know that means!?

Works For Me Wednesday!! I love some of the stuff I can glean from those that link up! If you haven’t been over there, you really should check it out …

Of course, that’s not what MY WFMW is … I can only wish that I could find something that will relax and soothe my brain and blood pressure.

Been an extremely rough week so far at work. Way busier the past two days than the whole month of September. Ugg. But never fear, I will pull through and still manage to laugh and have a mini party! What I wouldn't do for a full day at the spa to get me some pampering done … but alas, real life interferes, not to mention financials!

So, on with What’s Working For ME!

A frugal, super easy microdermabrasion facial cleaner. Got it through Pinterest of course! Tried it Saturday night while showering and will do it again this evening.

3 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon water

Mix the two well in small dish to make a paste. I actually added a tad more water to make it a little smoother because at first it was hard to apply (leaning face over my hand and rubbing) and ROUGH!

Apply by rubbing in small circular motions and rinse.

You know, it just makes your skin glow, and it does clean. But if your skin is sensitive, definitely don’t rub HARD like I did! I had a little leftover so I took to my feet, and now I'm thinking, dang, this would be a great, invigorarting treatment to the feet, so thats being added to my list of things to try!

Another frugal beauty tip brought to you by a not so beauty queenish gal J

Hop on over to the Works For ME Wednesday link up and find some more awesome tips!


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